please help me decide!!!!

  1. OK guys, I'm seriously going to get one miu miu bag but not sure which one to get. Need your opinions to help me decide.

    #1 the chocolate bow tie

    #2 the caramel coffer

    #3 the plum coffer (has anyone seen the actual color, is it very purple, or is it nice and dark with a hint to purple?)

    #4 the grey... i don't know the name to this style

    I will be using it as an every day bag.
    Thx for all your replies in advance :heart::yes:
    Chocolate Bow detail tote .jpg Snapshot 2007-08-01 22-30-27.jpg plum coffer.jpg Snapshot 2007-08-01 22-32-59.jpg
  2. Def #3!! I haven't seen IRL but from pics that I saw from others, they described the bag as very dark almost black with a hint of purple..very unique.
  3. i will say 3 or 4, i saw 3 personally is a very pretty color, but 4 may be more easy to get in or out if for every day bag.
  4. Im going to say 1 or 3. I saw #3 IRL and its not very purple at all, more like a dark brown with a slint purple tinge to it. I wouldnt describe it as purple personally. But its still very nice.
  5. Now I'm going to throw you a curve and vote for #2. I have the Cammello Coffer and absolutely lOVE IT!!! The leather gets better with use and I love the front pockets. They allow quick access to all my essentials!!!:tup:
  6. As an everyday purse, I would go for #4 even though I love coffer very much too.
  7. I will go for #2 and #3 for everyday.
  8. thank you all for your replies! i'm kinda leaning towards the coffer now.. :noworry:hmmm
  9. I'm liking #1 -- the coffer is all over the place but I can see why it would make a good everyday bag -- have not seen #1 in person so not sure how it works (depth, etc.)
  10. Definitely the coffer!!!! today i'm carrying it ... and after I bought her, i carried her everyday...
  11. go for no.'s really gorgeous bag.
  12. I like the Cammello or Plum coffer! Though I think the Cammello will probably stand out more :yes:
  13. all your comments are really great.. but for some reason i still can't get the bow tie one out of my head!? i guess i'll just go for that one :amuse:
  14. #3 gets my vote.
  15. Hey monkyjib, the plum coffer does look good.. but i wonderr how much it will hold? At the mo I have a smallish handbag and its driving me crazy, some days i cant even close it.. i cant wait to get my now bag so i can put what ever i like in it.. ; ) i guess theyve got different feels.. the coffer is a little more dressy, and the bow is a little more everyday.. good luck! x