Please Help Me Decide =(

  1. Hi guys, I'm new on this forum and have also just very very recently started loving LV :sweatdrop: . And i also bought the Neo Cabby in black denim and received the Neverfull GM as a gift in the same week! :yahoo:However i have had my eye on the mini lin speedy in ebane for awhile now and i really really want to get it, but i think its abit similar to the Neo Cabby in terms of color and it being a handheld and all.... Should i just go ahead and get that? Or would the Damier Azur Speedy 30 be a wiser choice? :confused1: Hope you guys can help me out :push: !
  2. I don't have one but I am a fan of the Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene. If they made it in a 25 I would totall get one. If you're looking for diversity in your new collection the Azur would enable you to wear LV with lighter clothing in your wardrobe.

    BTW, great choice for your first two bags. I love both of them!!!

    Good luck!
  3. I would get the mini lin, for I am really loving the smaller monogram PLUS the mini lin is actually a very dark chocolate brown color so you would have a great black bag (cabby) and a great brown bag (mini lin). another plus is with the mini lin you would have no worries of vachetta (nude) leather as you would on the Azur speedy. So many forum members really rely on their min lin as a daily bag and one that can be worn no matter the weather, rain or shine. ANOTHER PLUS TOO, for myself as well as many other forum members, we carry the Azur mainly spring and summer where with the mini lin you can use it year round! Have fun deciding, either one is a great choice, but if you are looking for a staple piece, I would go with the mini lin for sure!
  4. Lucky you!!! Two great bags in one week!!
    If you really love the Mini lin than thats what you should get. The Damier Azur speedy is a beautiful bag (I have one) but you should go with what you love. I have 3 speedies and the neo cabby and although the fact that the cabby can be carried by hand it's a totally different bag I think.
  5. that's a tough one because i love both, i have a damier azur 25, but i am in the same boat as you. i've been going back and forth between buying a killer suhali or just going ahead and getting that ebene mini lin bucket i've been wanting so long. but honestly, even though i have been drooling over 'wow' bags as of late, i think i'm going to go with my gut and get the ebene mini lin. i've wanted it so long, and i can knock some other things off my list in the process rather than just getting the suhali. i love that line but it can wait, i am getting a mirage speedy so that right there can be my 'wow' bag for the year. lol. so go with the one you have wanted for a long time. i think once you get it you will be very happy.
  6. i think you should get the mini lin speedy, you obviously love it so it will make you happy. I dont really think they are very similar, i have the neo cabby and would love to get a mini lin speedy someday.
  7. Go with the mini lin speedy as this is a design you really like. It's hard to make choices for others. I guess you have to go with what feels comfortable for you and what matches your lifestyle and wardrobe.