Please help me decide....

  1. I saw a white Kelly this weekend which is lovely and I felt looked right on me.

    There are so many things I want at the moment that I really have to take stock and decide which are priorities.

    I have a black togo 30 cm Birkin with PH
    black togo 32 cm Kelly with gold hw
    blue marine 28 cm box kelly

    on order 30 cm black box 30 cm Birkin
    28 cm black box 28 cm Kelly

    Must have... 30 cm rouge vif croc Birkin.

    To get the white Kelly, I'll have to sell one of the togos...I don't want to part with the BM Kelly which I love.

    What to do?
  2. The black togo birkin. I've seen it on you multiple times, and it just didn't turn the heads as much as your kellies.
  3. I would hate to see you sell any of your great collection!!!! But if something has to go, I would think maybe the togo birkin since you have another black birkin on order.
    When I think of Rose, I think Kelly. I know you would work that white kelly like nothing we have ever seen
  4. Hmm...
    I would personally pass on the white Kelly, although I know it will be stunning on you. I would be too worried about it getting dirty and after years of "worrying" about my H bags, I have relaxed but only a little bit! :p
    If you need it, and if you have to let one of the togos go, I would let the 30 Birkin go, since you are expecting a 30 Birkin in black box. You will still have togo in the 32 Kelly. But I hesitate, as you won't have a "casual" Birkin in a textured leather...can you get by without it?
  5. I think you are more of a Kelly girl too! But just promise me that if you get a white kelly, you will WEAR it! SO many ladies I know have invested in white bags, which as gorgeous as they truly are, they sit in their dustbags because their owners are too afraid to actually carry them! White bags are beautiful though, and even better when shared with the world!
  6. I would say the 32 Togo Black Kelly as that will add balance if you buy another Kelly. A black togo birkin is a good casual bag to keep imo.
  7. you are def a kelly girl! i've been contemplating on a white kelly as well. i'll wait till you get yours first! hehe
  8. We all saw the white kelly on her last weekend, and she in fact carried the togo birkin that same day. So there was a side-by-sdie and the kelly beat the birkin hands down.

    It's a white toile, very sophicated kelly, and I think made for Rose.
  9. here is the thing... I am NOT sure that I would use it much as I am fairly careful with my bags and I don't like dirt, so not getting the white one is also an option.
  10. I was wearing a white dress, so that may have added to the 'all over ' look
  11. Here are side by side pics of the kelly and Birkin:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    a10-1.jpg x1.jpg
  12. Well the thing with white bags is, until you get one, you don't know how you are really going to treat it. I find myself taking no extra precautions, but then I don't baby my bags period.

    I do hear the spa works wonders on white bags, and the kind that the spa can't take out will not come out on any other colors either.
  13. I love the white kelly, Rose.
    MIL has a white togo birkin and it didn't get dirty yet and she had for a year. We keep it in the apartment in Miami and during the summer here!!
    I think you have a lot of dark hermes bags, its time to come over to see the light!!

    What do you wear more? The kelly or the birkin?? There you will have your answer!!
  14. I think you're more of a kelly girl!!!! The kelly is very lady like and you optimize elegance but how do you part with a birkin??
    I don't know Rose, I am torn!!
  15. You have a beautiful collection, Rose. I would pass on the Kelly, only because it's white and I wouldn't want to risk getting even a speck of dirt on it. But, if you really want it and know you'll use it and love it, I agree with everyone who has said to sell the togo Birkin, since you have one in box coming.