Please Help Me Decide :)

  1. I love the MC collection! Currently I have a White MC Audra & a Black MC Speedy. I love my audra because it's small & is great for when I don't need to carry a lot of things with me & I also love my speedy because it's large & I can carry all my junk with me. I absolutely love the white MC & now I'm thinking I should get a white MC speedy. I found a new one (made in 2007) that a MPRS is selling. It's $1500 & comes with receipt and tags and has a lot of pink in it. What does everyone think I should do? Good deal or not? Is the pocket going to turn colors on me due to the bleeding? Is it crazy to have 2 speedys but in different colors? I'm torn over the desicion :confused1:. If I do buy this bag I won't buy anymore for a LONG time (it would be my 4th bag in 2 months :nuts:) TIA :smile:
  2. One more thing, I am planning on selling about 12 of my Coach bags once eBay starts picking up again (around Christmas time). This is how I'm planning to get some of the money back I spent :p
  3. I think you should definitely get the white mc speedy - that's my dream bag! it's not crazy. it's totally tdf!
  4. I want the MC Speedy too..I love it! Its My fav MC bag..i think i might get it too instead of the Le just seems like more fun!!!
  5. Yup, I'd go with the white MC Speedy. :yes:
  6. the white mc speedy is so adorable. if you know you will recoup the money later, then go for it!
  7. You should definitely get the white speedy and sell all your Coach purses. As long as you have a game plan, I think it's fine to splurge on that LV.
  8. Please tell me you got it.
  9. I GOT IT! :yahoo:It has beautiful pinks & purples all over. I'm in love with this bag :love:.
  10. I don't think it's stupid to have teh smae bag in 2 colors...if you love it and think you'll use it I say GO FOR IT!
  11. Congrats!!!! ITA they really are such diffrent bags!!
  12. yay congrats!