Please Help Me Decide!


Which Twiggy Should I Get?

  1. Greige

  2. Aquamarine

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  1. Ok, I think I have it narrowed down to two (And I emphasize the word think! lol) Two totally different colors, I really like both of them, one is my fav and the other is the hubby's, so I just want to see what you guys think. Should I get a greige or Aquamarine twiggy? I have to decide quick before the greige is not available for me.
  2. i prefer greige....
  3. I voted for greige as well...what's your collection like? If you need a neutral, I vote Greige....if you can branch out to more fun colors, then go w/ aqua
  4. I totally agree! What bags do you currently own?
  5. Oh dang incoral, I thought I posted it originally... this will be my first bbag. I think that's why I am having such a hard time deciding. On one hand I love the pop the Aqua delivers, but then I think that maybe the greige would be more practical for me. being my first bbag. Of the other bags I have that I use most often, I have pink, sepia, black & ivroy, and a light camel colored brown. This is the first bag that has enticed me enough to spend more than $450! lol
  6. Yes. My first BBag was a 'pop' of color, too. But I felt sad because it hardly matched anything I had at the time. Then I went on to Truffle and fell in love with it, and for me Truffle is a neutral since I wear a lot that would match that color.

    So, I vote Greige (still!) or if I may make a few suggestions...

    Sandstone or even natural.

    Sandstone first...
  7. I voted Greige. I think it would look nicer in the Twiggy.
  8. I love the sandstone too, I was trying to decide between that and greige when I was looking for a more neutral color, the hubby actually preferred the greige, but I think i would be happy with either color. Isn't the natural lighter than the greige? I think greige would probably be about as light as I would like to go.
  9. Yes, natural is lighter than Greige.
    Good luck on your first one!!!! :yahoo:
  10. I wouldnt be able to decide they are both gorgeous colours. Get both ;)
  11. I think you should get YOUR "fav" ... no question about it!
  12. I love color.........they're so much fun and Bal does them so well. So, I voted for Aqua.
  13. I voted for aqua over the greige, but I like incoralblue's suggestion of a natural or sandstone as an alternative.
  14. I prefer aqua color....:smile:
  15. I favor the greige, but you should buy the one that you'll get the most wear from. :smile: