Please help me decide...

  1. Should I keep the luxe black flap or the modern chain flap? I'm 23 years old. I really wanted to luxe bowler, but I can't find it :sad: So, whats a good bag to get instead, while I wait for them to possible release the bowler for fall?
  2. Come on girls, where are ya? I need help. Please?
  3. Could you post pictures or links to them? I can't remember exactly what they look like, but I am 26 so could offer you an opinion from someone close to your age!
  4. the M/C flap is tiny. . . I would choose a Luxe Flap if you carry more than one or 2 items.
  5. keep the luxe black flap!
  6. Based on the pictures that I found in the reference library, I :heart: them both. So I am no help!! However, if what Swanky said is true, I would go with the Luxe. Good luck!
  7. keep the luxe flap!
  8. Modern Chain is one of my favorite Chanel Bags ..I am 24. And it holds WAY more than 2 items, unless you carry a humungo cell phone and gigantic wallet. The leather is so supple so it fits a lot more than the structured caviar or lambskin flaps.

    I do love the Luxe though, you can't go wrong with either.
  9. I carry a big wallet:yes:
  10. I like the luxe flap. thats so pretty!