Please help me decide

  1. Hi ladies. I am trying to decide between two Francesco Biasia bags. The Stellar Style is older than the Gypsy Rain but I do like them both. I've seen both of them in person and they actually look like a great size on me. I'm usually big bag "challenged". They always look weird because I'm so short.:shrugs: I wear a suit every day but am definitely a jeans gal on the weekends and I'll be wearing it with both. So, what do you all think? Thanks for your help.

  2. The first one styled better i think.
  3. the second one is a bit too plain for me, i'd say the first one! both of them are very nice!
  4. I prefer the first one
  5. Thanks for the replies. If ayone has another style that they want to suggest (under $700 or so) I am open to anything. I love studs and tassels. I just can't wear the big big bags. For some reason The Gustto Baca looks great on, but other styles look like luggage. It's tough being big bag challenged. :shame:
  6. Both look lovely but I prefer No: 1 (mainly because I love pockets :smile:)
  7. have you tried Kooba yet? you should check their site out...

    what i have my eye on next is Hayden Harnett, amoung other things lol!

    if i see something in my internet travels i will post here.

    no bag specifics as to what you do or don't want? colors? etc?
  8. First one.
  9. i like the first one :smile:
  10. I like the first one. Love the style :smile:!
  11. I kind of wanted to stick with that color. I have a Kooba Jessie in Bourbon. I just purchased the Bulga Medium Multi Zip during the Revolve Deal but it looked too big. If anyone wants it in Taupe before I send it back just let me know. It was only $220 and breaks my heart to send it back. I'm convinced big and slouchy looks good and satchels look great, but all others look like I'm carrying a suit case (weird I know). Sooooo.... even if I am "big bag challenged", we can't have me walking around as a big ol' fashion faux pas:rolleyes: .
  12. I really have to play devil's advocate here and say I love the second one...I love bags way more with two straps. I will most likely always pick the bag with two straps instead of one...dunno why...just me!
  13. I Like them both they're nice. THE first one i think is more edgy and goes better with jeans and the second is more toned down and goes better with a suit. I don't wears suits too often so I'go with the first one.
  14. The second one!
  15. Really like them both, but I definitely like