Please help me decide!

  1. Hello everyone! Today is my first day here and am very excited!

    I am having a lot of trouble deciding on my next purchase. I am going to be very busy and doing a lot of traveling this summer and would really like a new bag. I am torn between a larger bag like a Kooba Sienna, or a medium Coach Andrea Satchel. I am not made of money and this is around my price range. I recently bought a Coach Carly Signature which is WAY to small! Any suggestions at all would be helpful! I am open to any new bags or ideas! If I had it my way I would have a Chloe, but maybe someday!! Thank you!
  2. i betcha bottom dollar you could get more responses if you posted this in the handbags and purses section!

    i just got a kooba and if you're going to be busy and traveling, i woudln't have this bag out at all times. the leather is SENSITIVE. although, if i had the leather protector, id be better off... still, the coach is still quality, and you won't feel so bad if you ding it while traveling...
  3. Thank you! Appreciate the advice!
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  8. Good advice, VB.....
  9. Hi Jessie and welcome to Tpf!:yahoo: If you've got Kooba on your mind, I think you should get one (I would say that...) Some of the older bags can be a bit hard to get hold of but if you go to, you can see all the different styles and maybe someone can advice you about a seller to get it below retail. Good luck!