please help me decide

  1. my first purchase was suppose to be theGST in black with silver hardware but now since i've been waiting 3 weeks, i can't wait any longer. what can anyone suggest something in black with silver hardware that i can carry as an everyday purse.which is available now. i see one girl with the black flap but i dont know the name. pictures would help too ...
  2. Hi... well, if you want a bag right away, maybe a jumbo black caviar flap? It holds a good amount, and closes all the way, as opposed to the GST (which has an inner zipper compartment, with the open sides). Or, maybe a cotton club tote in black, which is pretty durable (it's aged calfskin)... I wouldn't recommend lambskin for an everyday bag, especially if you want to keep it pretty :smile: If you do a search for cotton club, you can find a picture of the style, and the jumbo classic flap is easy to find as well. Good luck!
    Edited to add: I would try to wait for your first choice too, because that's the one you really want (I was just commenting on other bags, since you seemed to want something right away)! Hopefully you can track a GST down soon!

  3. I would wait just a bit longer for the'll really be worth it when you finally get your dream first Chanel!! :nuts: :yes:

    Have you tried calling around?
  4. I would wait for the GST. Impulse buys usually lead to buyers remorse.
  5. yeah i've been calling around and have my name on waiting lists but i'm still debating if its the "everyday" bag even though i love the look of it. is this a bag you would carry everday? is it too big or heavy?
  6. Wait it out if you can. Bal Harbour had one not long ago.
  7. You should try calling the Saks on 49th/Madison. I saw the PST and GST in black on Friday.
  8. Oh and the Sombrero in black... soo pretty.
  9. Wait for the GST.. Or! Buy the reissue in black!
  10. I say wait too! I am sure it will be worth it in the end!
  11. wait for it.. I case...I was told that I've have to wait for few months...I didn't put myself on the one fine day..I popped into the boutique... there it was...1 pc left..I picked it up immediately.. (I'm starting... to wonder..y was i told of few months waiting period... a scam by the boutiques??) Who cares abt their long as I get what I have wanted (dun like to buy under "pressure"/"influence") at my own pace
  12. I say wait for the GST as well. The black jumbo flap is also FABULOUS!