Please help me decide

  1. I don't own any of these 3 so I can't really comment. Is the Ada heavy? I heard it was heavy. I have the Jillian in black. I love the look of the Ada.

    Good luck with your decision. I find after a few days, the answer always comes to me.
  2. I like the Courtney, looks like that'll hold a lot. I'm on a big bag search right now :yes:
  3. I like the looks of the Julia the best, though I do not own any of the bags so I cannot comment from experience.
  4. I love the Courtney!
  5. I like the Kooba.
  6. Kooba Ada hands down!
  7. i don't own any either, but i like the Kooba Ada the most.
  8. I like the Julia! Good luck deciding!
  9. I like the Julia in Brown. Not crazy about the big cross on the side but it's a neat looking bag. The Kooba Ada is heavy (an so is Lockheart I've heard) so that's a toss up maybe. The Kooba in Bourbon has alot of orange in the brown that I'm not crazy about.
  10. oh that cross is too cool.
  11. kooba ada :

    lockhart courtney

    lockheart julia :

    u got great taste, i love em all although the crosses are kinda hm... too much for me :p

    so i'll vote for the kooba ada :yes:
  12. I like the 2nd one except for the cross... so I'd get the Kooba ;)
  13. I like the 3rd one, the cross isn't so evident
  14. Definatley the Julia. Nice design and colour. The ada is my least favourite Kooba as it looks too 'battered' for my taste.