Please Help Me Decide


Craving a blue bbag
Mar 9, 2006
my hh hobo is taking a long time to get to me and in the meanwhile I have begun to suffer from buyer's remore. Active Endeavors has a 20% sale and I really like this bag, maybe more than the HH hobo. What do you think? The only difference between the pictures and my "choices" is that the hobo I ordered is in chocolate (I can't find a model-picture for that color). Anna Corinna Saddlebag or HH Hobo?????
Factors to consider:
1. Will it tote a lot of junk and still look good?
2. Will it look dated next season?
Thank you sooo much for your input. I can't con any of my loved ones to "talk purses" with me. You forum members are my only consul in this


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The two choices are: Saddle bag by Anna or Havana Hobo by HH, right? In chocolate? I only knew of black or luggage, so could you point me to a website that shows the bag you ordered? Then I'll be able to give a better opinion.

PS-I have been using my HH Mercer Satchel in Chalk lately, and it is very wonderful!
I like both. The leather looks better on the HH. Tough decision. the Anna looks bigger. That might be better for toting your junk around.

I don't think either will look dated any time soon.
I am liking the AC better myself, but these quality concerns are concerning. Also, intertia makes the HH decision the easiest. I would have to cancel it to purchase the saddlebag. I will wait patiently, for another week, at the most. The hayden harnett bag was supposed to be here last saturday. thanks for all the help.