Please help me decide

  1. I trust all of your opinions on this board. I know that you can help me with this decision.

    I want to purchase a wallet or wallet 'type' accessory. LV has so many cute things and I'm having a tough time selecting.

    Here are the choices:
    Damier Accessories Pouch
    Wapity Mono
    Mono Pochette Florentine
    Mono Pochette Accessories
    Pochette Plate (Mono Perfo)

    I really like all of these but I'm going to be a good girl and only purchase one of them. Which would you select???

  2. I'm leaning towards the perfo. I'm thinking of buying one myself.
  3. Either of the Accesories Pouch
  4. Damier Accessories Pouch, it's so pretty.
  5. Damier Accessories Pouch
  6. Thanks for the input so far ladies! I was leaning towards the Damier Accessories pouch...
    I have another you ladies mix and match your LV lines. I have the Mono it okay to use the Damier Accessories pouch with it? Thanks!
  7. Damier Accessories Pouch
  8. I'd go for either the Mono Wapity or the Damier Pouch