Please help me decide!!!

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  1. Hi girls.....i have a dilemma and would love your opinions! Here's the situation: I have the bronze metallic Luxe Bowler (same color as bronze baby Cabas) I have never used it: it has all the tags on it, etc. I decided i wanted the silver one instead, preferably the bright silver but would settle for the "new" muted silver if the other isn't available. Well, my wonderful out-of-state Saks SA located one and I was celebrating, until he let me know that it was a return to their Saks and does not have an authenticity card! I really love the silver....(already have a gold Chloe and a dark silvery gray Prada which I would return if I got the silver),,,but would you go for the one you love the most that doesnt have an authenticity card? or keep the bronze which hs the authen. card (and therefore keep the Prada silvery 'cause I must have a silver in the family!!) ?
    Also, if I get the silver Luxe bowler and return the Prada, I will get a refund of $1,100 (the Prada was $1,550 but was on sale), so I will come out $1,100 ahead but will have my first choice color (silver) Chanel, but with no card!

    Other option is to get the muted silver flap,,,,which is on hold for me now at local Saks, ($65 more than the bowler but thats bread crumbs when we're talking a 4 figure bag lol) but i love the shape of the bowler, its as Penny says :smile: so "neo classic" and different for me!

    Help!!!! :confused1: :heart: TIA!!
  2. I say get what you love the most, regardless of whether or not it has the authenticity card. If you do not plan on selling it in the future, I would definitely buy the silver.
  3. I dunno.....I am kinda of a freak when it comes to authenticity cards. I like them to come with my bags. But that's just me.
  4. Can you try other stores besides Saks? To me, a return w/out an authenticity card probably means the bag has been used. An unused or even gently used return would probably come back into the store with all the cards and stickers intact. Even if you never plan to return it, that's a lot of money to spend for a bag that doesn't have the proper supporting documentation.
  5. I like the silver bowler better too, have you tried calling other Saks and locate the silver bowler for you ? I personally really like to have authenticity card, so that in the near future if I need to take the bag to Chanel Boutique, they could clear the "authentic status" right away. Also, if I have a choice, I 'd prefer brand new bags from stockhouse or backroom, and therefore alot of times I asked my SA to locate one in their stockhouse where nobody touches :smile:
  6. I wouldn't use this as a supporting argument because as we all know, authenticity cards can be faked. If you did buy this bag without the card, I would definitely examine it extremely carefully. Make sure the bag does not look used at all.
  7. aw... i feel for you. i wouldn't know what to do either. personally, i like to have the card with the bag.
  8. <sadly realizing that the card must accompany the bag. Cannot buy bag at NM instead of Saks because then would be returning bronze one to Saks and therefore would lose $300 EGC event gift card which i would have to relinquish! oh, such a high class problem this is, but still......maybe this is kismet playing with my Chanel-addeled near, yet so far............the bag is destined to belong to a Coco-ette who doesnt care much about the card being there

    thanks so much ladies for your advice.............

    now, should i get muted silver LUXE FLAP or keep bronze LUXE BOWLER???

    is there a smiley for driving people insane? lol

    thanks for your patience
  9. I would try to locate another silver first. I personally like to have all the cards, docs, etc... I would be worried that the bag might have been previously used.
  10. Personally for me if the bag was in perfect as new condition not having the authenticity card would not bother me. But I know how it bothers other people, and you just have to decide whether or not you could live without it.
  11. actually, all the points here are great and so helpful, but would Saks even take back a used bag? even if gently used?? it seems odd that a "new" bag would have a missing card?
  12. ohhhhh! i am breaking out in hives, am so frustrated! the bitter irony of it all....
  13. The card doesn't bother me either.
  14. Well, Claudia dear, you know me, your OCD(:smile: friend, I would have to have the card. As I have told you before I keep all my Chanel purchases cataloged by Store/S/A/Tag with style number & price. I keep the Authenticity Card IN the handbag or wallet. Well, now I see why you would not ask me for advice on this delima - LOL.
    It would be no silver bowler for me from Saks. I am like PinkPiano, my S/A knows I want my bags from stock before they are touched, if possible.
    Sorry......... bad bad silver lux bowler....
  15. Claudia ~~ Personally, I am in love with the luxe flap. It is such a beautiful bag and would be so lovely in muted silver!!!