Please help me decide....Whiskey or Choco Paddy

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  1. I am so getting a Chloe paddy....which color you guys think is more classic? the whiskey or the choco?
  2. What color clothes do you wear most? What is your dress style?
  3. I am pretty casual...I wear jeans a lot. I wear black and blue a lot too.
  4. In that case, I'd definitely go with the Whiskey.

    I have both on order now, the Choco should be shipped any day from NAP, and I have the Whiskey on pre-order from NM (figure I can space out the financial pain that way).
  5. Then perhaps the whiskey. It's a really pretty, versatile color it seems. Good Luck!
  6. Hmmm... personally I like the whiskey more, I think it stands out more. I also have just never liked the color brown. I also think that the lighter color is more casual. And to go with black I am not sure which matches better, can you wear brown with black these days? I never know. I vote Whiskey I think it shows off the pretty leather more.
  7. whiskey
  8. I think you should go with the whiskey, since you wear lots of blacks and blues.
  9. I like the whiskey more than the choco as well :biggrin:
  10. whiskey! tan/cognac color with black is so unbelievably chic-looking to me recently, so the whiskey can go with just about anything you wear. i also think that overly dark colors tend to hide the gorgeous details of bags like the paddington - it's probably why i own no black or dark-brown bags.
  11. Yes, whiskey that would look great with your jeans. ;)
  12. I personally prefer choco brown still. If you want the paddy to go with your casual wear, then I recommend the whiskey. If you want to take it to work and to go along with your professional outfit, then go with brown.
  13. My favorite is choco too. Why can't everyone just like the same thing she says :amuse:
  14. That's how I'm rationalizing buying both, LOL! ;)
  15. Good idea long as you don't keep on dreaming about them you are ok!!! Go for it!!!