please help me decide which to keep

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  1. I know I'm being a pain but I need advice. I purchased the small sophia again in the purple leather, the acorn alexandra(small size) and the blue smoke kristin pleated satchel. I can't keep all three (but would like to) so I have to decide which one to take back. I know that the alexandra is going to the outlet but I didn't want to take a chance and not get the color I wanted. the sa told me that they are not going to bring back the alexandra in the same design, they are redesigning it and it will be more like an open tote. So if this is true, I would like to keep the alexandra. so I need to decide if I can part with the sophia or the blue smoke pleated satchel. I returned the sophia once because it was too small and the large was too big but I love this look and really want it to work for me but maybe I'm just fooling myself. I love the blue smoke satchel but wish it was a little shorter. I really am having a time trying to deicde whats right for me these days. I would appreciate any advice. tia
  2. Return Kristin. Or return the Sophia and Kristin and keep the Alex.
  3. I would keep the acorn Alexandra. While it is probably the "dullest" of the bunch, it's also very versatile. Personally, with the silver hardware, I think that particular bag could be a person's ONLY bag if they were limited to one. It also may be the least expensive. Sounds like you truly love it, so I'd keep it. Never count on a bag going to an outlet because it's all so hit and miss. I've found GREAT stuff, but it's totally unpredictable.

    So, we are left with the Kristen satchel and the Sophia. Honestly? They are both beautiful. But you don't seem to love, love love them.

    I'm 45 years old and I have a closet overflowing with stuff, including probably 50 Coach bags. They keep churning them out. You can't "make the Sophia work" if it doesn't. And you don't love the Kristen satchel. I think the Kristen satchel is pretty, but it would be one of those bags you have to dig around in.

    Summation: Keep the Alexandra and save your money for better stuff for the next go-round. There will be one very shortly.
  4. ITA w/ cosmogrrl, OP -- keep the Alexandra, and return the other 2 bags since it sounds like they're not 'perfect' for you, KWIM?

    Coach has too many beautiful bags to settle for one that doesn't make ya go "aaaahhhh, I love this bag" every time ya take her out. ;)
  5. Keep the Kristin Satchel. I love mine. It's a great bag. :biggrin:
  6. I'd keep the Sophia and Alexandra~I never did like the Kristin Satchel's, to boxy for me!I know you have had a love hate relationship with Sophia, but you keep going back to her:smile:I say maybe try her in another color,or texture... I think the small is more of a med. sized bag.But if you are used to large bags then, I don't know~Good Luck:smile:
  7. YOU KNOW COACH DON'T HAVE A TIME LIMIT for returning bags... but I THINK keep the acorn Alexandra bag since you really really like it. I would be bummed if I returned a bag that I liked and when I seen the "re-amped" Alexandra bags @ the Outlets, I totally hate it and later say "I should've kept it..."

    Return the Kristin and the Sophia bag. IMO - Sophia is new so it will be out for a while and the Kristin is nice too, but I personally like the style of the Alexandra, it's casual yet classy at the same time. GOOD LUCK!!
  8. It seems like you love Alexandra, then keep her and keep the Kristen..I love this bag but I don't have any more budget. Kristen is classic!! Return purple sophia..
  9. thank you everyone. I am keeping the alexandra and the sophia.
  10. Good decision!