Please help me decide which to keep

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  1. I bought a teal Lindsay and the Hamptons Vintage leather hobo in teal. They are both nice bags, but I can't decide which one to keep. :confused1: The Lindsay is nice, just doesn't stay on my shoulder real well. The hobo stays on my shoulder well, but is kind of large and plain. I can only keep one. What's your opinion. TIA
  2. If you like the Hobo, go for it! On me, the strap dug in and really was unwearable. If you don't have that issue, keep the Hobo if you want easier shoulder access!
  3. I have the petrol Lindsay and LOVE it. The straps do slip, but most straps slip on me, so Im kinda used to that! I tried that Vintage Hobo on at my last outlet trip, in gray, and I did not care for the look of it at all. It was just big, wide and did not look good on me. IMO, Id definitely keep the Lindsay.
  4. I love the Lindsay!
  5. Hobo is my absolute favorite bag, stays on the shoulder, holds a lot and is so pretty!
  6. Several of us have commented about how bad the Hobo digs into the shoulder. I took mine back (have all three colors in Lindsay) and I think Bunny took her Hobo back. Put your stuff in the Hobo and carry it around the house before you make a decision. I thought the Hobo hung funny too.
  7. Mine does not dig at all. :shrugs:
  8. I say keep the hobo. Good luck deciding!
  9. Lindsay!
  10. I really like the Lindsay but it has to work for you.
  11. This all comes down to how badly you need and/or want a shoulder bag! I think Lindsay is not a shoulder may disagree but she's just sooo thick!!! I like both bags...I do love my teal Lindsay and I think she's a total head turner BUT I'm not a gal who carries her bags on her shoulder. I will if they work that way BUT most of my bags are hand/arm bags and that's OK.

    Only you can decide what's gonna work for YOU! When it comes to daily function I also think Lindsay steps ahead, she keeps me organized!
  12. I have a Lindsay and love the style and look, but I guess I don't help much by saying I would love the Hamptons Hobo as well!!!
  13. :heart: my Lindsay, but have never tried on the hobo. So I'm of no help to you, sorry :shame:. The straps do annoy me a little bit, but the leather and the colour make up for that!
  14. I like the hobo- Lindsay is a nice looking bag but I can't stand anything I can't put on my shoulder. I don't know if this matters to you or not, but the hobo style is very in this season as well.
  15. I love my hobo and like the way it sits on my shoulder. It is a perfect shoulder bag for me!