Please help me decide which Speedy 30 to get!

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The perfect everyday Speedy30??

  1. Monogram

  2. Ebene

  3. Azur

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Currently I own one speedy (the red epi 25), but I need a bigger, more casual bag sooo I'm upgrading to a Speedy 30! :yahoo:

    I'm deciding between the Mono, Ebene, or Azur...they're all so beautiful!! But my guidelines are that it has to match with most outfits and just be the perfect everyday bag. My go-to bag right now is my Damier Ebene neverfull MM, but I need something with a zipper!
    Speedy Experts, please help! :ty:
  2. Well, since you want it to go with the most outfits I would say monogram.
    You already have a damier nf, so getting a different print is more exciting. i love
    the azur too but I don't think it goes with everything like the monogram!!
  3. My fav is monogram. I wear my monogram with everything. Good luck deciding:smile:
  4. mono
  5. spring/summer is almost here so I voted for azur. I have the 35 and I LVOE it
  6. Monogram.
  7. my damier ebene gets the most mileage and still looks brand new after 4 years!
  8. mono speedy.
  9. I might go for a different pattern than what you have already, so the monogram. Plus, it goes with everything. The only drawback to the mono compared to the ebene is that you might worry about the vachetta getting dirty..
  10. You have an Ebene NF now, so I say get the "cousin" and go with the Azur!

    The 30 is the perfect size. I have an Azur 30 for nearly two years now and its a fantastic bag! Goes with most outfits, I think there has only been one or two times when I thought the Azur pattern clashed (badly) with my outfit so I changed bags (should have changed outfits instead LOL). The Monogram Speedy is a classic but personally, have tried to buy it a couple of times but just can't bring myself too! It's really common as well.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!
  11. I voted monogram...that'll be my next purchase. Damier Ebene is a close second. I have a Speedy 25 in Ebene and love it for bad weather days, but it feels a little small sometimes. 30 is the best size for sure! Good luck deciding!
  12. Ebene speedy! Low maintance, super cute and you do not see it as much as the mono. I wanted to say Azur because of the summer time approaching, however ebene could be used all year round in my opinion. Good luck!!!
  13. I would go for the Mono! I think the pattern goes with everything and it looks great in the size 30! You already have something in the Ebene pattern, so this would be something nice a different, a great classic speedy, a fabulous everyday bag. Good luck with your decision!
  14. Spring/summer is almost here so I also voted azur. good luck1
  15. I said ebene!