Please help me decide which shoes to keep!!!

  1. Between
    [​IMG] love the color but not the low stacked heels

    [​IMG] love how they're completely flat and low cut but afraid that the logos make the shoes stand out too much.

    I'd love to hear your opinions. TIA! :smile:
  2. i say keep #1 since the logo does not stand out as much as the second one.
  3. I like the first one. The second one is too glaring.
  4. I do like both, BUT option number 1 can blend more with many style choices whereas number 2 might not be as versatile. I say keep 1.
  5. I like number 2!
  6. i Would go with 1, the second brings more attention to the logo and not the shoe
  7. i like number 1 better
  8. number 1:yes:
  9. number one...
  10. numero uno!
  11. i like the 2nd one. lols
  12. I would get both !! :smile:
  13. #1
  14. I love the second ones!!!

    The logo does stand out but that's why I like them.
  15. lol i own number 2 but must say wanted number one and they didnt have them at the time i got it :sad: