Please help me decide which reward to buy!

  1. I am planning on paying myself a weekly 'wage' for quitting smoking and am going to save the money towards a handbag. However, I can't decide which to get. I've got plenty of time yet but I want to start browsing to keep me on track lol!

    I have a few requirements:
    * Must have a shoulder strap
    * Must be large enough for a book (I have a 1.5 hour commute to work)
    * Must be suitable for using pretty much daily

    I've mostly been looking at Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

    I'll be saving my pennies in this,cmbPriceStart=-1,cmbPriceEnd=-1,dspimg=YES,cmbCategory=2,txtSearch=,txtSearchNameSKU=money%20box, and will be getting £15 a week (so long as I quit). I'm prepared to save for months so I don't have a particular budget in mind but I probably won't go much over £700 (then I can start saving for the next one :p

    Hope you have some great suggestions so TIA!
  2. Have you tried Marc Jacobs? The Blake is a classic and is perfect for a book and anything else you need. Try the forum, we can all help you there.
  3. I love my black leather Chanel Classic Jumbo flap bag with large reverse "C" logo in front in gold tone metal, and leather interwoven in metal straps!
  4. I just wanted to congratulate you. Quitting is a hard thing to do- you should be so proud of yourself! I hope you find a purse you really love- you'll deserve it!
  5. Oh yeah...back to bags... I have a LV Luco that I love for holding books and magazines. They discontinued it, but I believe they have several others in similar sizes. I love the look of the neverfull GM. It's perfect for everyday and can hold books.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions so far.

    BagsRmyLife - Are the handles on the Blake large enough to carry it on your shoulder? It's a beautiful bag. I'm definately going to have to have a mooch around the MJ Forum!

    artlovergal - do you have any pics? Sounds gorgeous!

    echo_23 - Thanks! I haven't actually started stopping yet - I am quitting on Monday but I am determined I will do it! The neverfull GM is definately a contender. I could get everything I need in it. That one's going on the shortlist!
  7. Sorry. I haven't learned to use the digital camera by business partner recently bought for me - - much less figure out how to transfer images from camera to computer. Am hoping to learn in my "free time". The bag is gorgeous - - it's my all time favorite (and I own more than 80 bags, at last count).
  8. Although I've never been a smoker, I know that quitting is not easy so congratulations! Probably one of the best things you could ever do for a reward bag is definitely in order! How about the LV cabas piano or the batignolles?
  9. Piano:

  10. hmmmm anything chanel :p
  11. Balenciaga. I love my Day bag for summer, and my City just arrived today. The first thing I did was stuff in my wallet and such, and make sure there was enough room for a hardcover. :p
  12. Balanciaga City or Work!!!!!!!!!
  13. I have the Piano and it is a great bag. Tried on the Neverfull and to be honest, I didn't like the straps at all. They looked sort of cheap and thin. Have you seen the LP Lauren Conrad bag? It is beautiful and big and $350.00...what a nice reward for such a big accomplishment. Good Luck!
  14. i recommend balenciaga too! it's such a daily wear bag that the colour you adore will match most of the clothings in your wardrobe. i personally favour my work size because i stuff books, umbrella, jackets, etc. in there. but the city size can still hold all these although u may have to sacrifice on the roominess and ease of rummaging through the bag to find your things.
  15. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm reconsidering the idea that it has to have a shoulder strap as I'm loving the LV Speedy 30. I've also seen a Balenciaga City in Congac - does anyone have this? How do you like it?