Please help me decide which Peyton to keep

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  1. I bought the Atlantic Peyton ($410.00) about 6 months ago and last week bought the Gray Patent and Saddle Peyton. The Atlantic has been sitting in my closet unused, so I have decided to take one if not two of them back to the outlet in the morning. Can you all please help me decide which ones I should take back? I just can't decide. Thanks so much for your comments. :smile:
  2. Keep the saddle and return the two. I bought two but only keep one. If the atlantic peyton has been sitting in your closet that long... then it has to go. Use the money to buy something else. The saddle peyton is gorgeous.
  3. I would keep the grey patent and the atlantic as they are gorgeous colors. You can get a brown bag anytime. I'm a colorful person though so the brown might be more suited for you than it is for my wardrobe.
  4. Keep the saddle and the gray patent and return the atlantic.
  5. Will your outlet let you return and rebuy the atlantic at the outlet price? That color is just stunning! Otherwise, grey patent is very effortlessly beautiful and easy to take care of.
  6. I say grey too
  7. Out of the three, based on color I would choose atlantic. It was the second Peyton I bought. However, based on practicality as well as gorgeous, gray patent gets my vote. It's the one I thought I wouldn't like because I'm not a huge gray leather/patent fan, but I fell HARD for this one with the stunning nickel hardware!! Saddle...well honestly, it's one of my least favs, which is surprising since overall brown leather is my fav leather. It's just that I LOVE colors, and I tend to prefer the colors or patents in this bag...not sure why! I would never get rid of my saddle Peyton either, but honestly, I've yet to carry it because I tend to favor other styles in brown.

    But don't listen to me or anyone else! I think deep down you already know the answer...if you have never used the atlantic and are not thrilled with it, then I say if you have to return one, and you love the other two, then atlantic has to go!

    It's a tough decision...good luck!!
  8. Keep grey patent!!!
  9. It you want to carry it without worrying about it getting scratched/dirty keep the gray patent. Otherwise keep the atlantic if you won't worry about carrying it. But if it's been sitting in your closet not being used its telling you something. ;) Not a fan of the saddle color.
  10. I would keep the atlantic and the grey patent, I'm not loving this bag in the saddle color.
  11. depends if you want a loud (atlantic) bag. if its been in your closet for so long im thinking it needs to go back (although myself and many others are SEARCHING for one :graucho::idea:the saddle would be a nice classic bag for everyday. the grey patent, is georgg too, its a little dressier i think. but would be easy to care for....let us know what you decide!
  12. My vote would be to keep the atlantic--beautiful color!

  13. I agree!:biggrin:
  14. Keep saddle and grey patent...return atlantic.
  15. keep the saddle... it's just so gorgeous even as a neutral... the atlantic is great as a punch of color... then send the grey patent to me since i can't seem to find it!! ;)