Please help me decide which pair...

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  1. I just cannot make up my mind between the 2. I want them both, but cannot afford both, so gotta make a choice here: Please help me decide on which pair you like best.

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  2. I like the brown ones...they're a little more updated IMO.
  3. I love the brown ones.
  4. I like the gray ones. BTW where are they from? Gray's on trend and a more updated version of black. Also, I'm just not a fan of menswear inspired clothes/shoes.
  5. brown ones
  6. I like the shape of the brown ones more :smile:
  7. They're STRATEGIA, from
    thanks for your feedback!!
  8. Brown ones!
  9. I vote for the brown ones too!
  10. I'm allergic to brown, but I LOVE the shape of them, so I am going to have to say brown.
  11. The brown ones are more trendy, and the gray ones are more classic. I'd go with whichever would match your wardrobe better, and which style (trendy or classic) you need more.
  12. i love those brown ones!
  13. :lolots: Me too!

    I vote for the brown though.