Please help me decide - which pair of CL's should I get???


Which CL's should I get?

  1. Pointy toe

  2. Peep toe

  3. Round toe

  4. Other - please specify

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  1. I want a classic pair of black pumps and I want to get something versatile and timeless that will be in style for years to come. Of these three, which would you get? Pointy toe, peep toe or round toe?
    leather pumps.jpg peep toe.jpg simple 85.jpg
  2. I have all 3 pairs except I think the first pair is a little different than mine.

    I would recommend the second or third pair. Both are very comfortable and versatile. The Simples are my most comfortable pair of shoes and they go with everything. Very timeless IMO. I think all 3 are great shoes..just choose the pair you see yourself wearing the most. :yes:
  3. I voted for the round-toe Simples. I'm over pointed toes (at least for now), and the peep-toe Yoyos are very uncomfortable.
  4. peep toe and round toe are both nice, but i'd say peep toe
  5. Although I love the Yoyos, the Simples are probably more classic and will go with more.
  6. I agree!
    I dont have a pair of simples yet! but you can wear them with almost everything and I hear they are very comfy.
  7. Thanks guys, can anyone comment on the sizing of the simples? I typically have to get 1 whole size up in CLs.
  8. I would also agree with getting the simples or the yo-yo's.
    They are both timeless IMO.
    With regards to sizing I am normally a US9 so I went up 1/2 a size.
  9. My favorite is the Very Prive Peep toe.
  10. I agree.
  11. The simples are the most timeless & classic IMO, but you can't go wrong with the yoyo's or the simples.
  12. I don't think you can go wrong with the Simples. They are the most comfortable style I have, and I wear them the most. They were my first Louboutins, so I think it's a great place to start! (Or, if you can afford it, get them all! They're all gorgeous!!!!)
  13. Simples, they are classic CL elegance!
  14. If these are for play, then I say peep toes, but I voted simple pumps b/c I assumed you meant for work and play. Both are timeless and classic IMO.
  15. My vote's for the Simples!
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