Please help me decide which one to keep!!

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  1. So, I am trying to downsize my bag collection considerably. I have decided to go to coach and return at least one bag. I bought quite a few (too embarassed to say how many) in the last pce. Last week I returned one and need to return at least one more. They are all still new with tags. I just can't make up my mind.

    Whiskey Ali
    Brown Ali
    Signature Blk Ali (I used it for two weeks, would have to sell on eBay)
    Vintage Leather Market Tote
    Vintage Leather Ergo Lg Hobo

    Of the alis, the whiskey seems so beautiful to me but I'm not sure what I can wear it with.

    Currently I have the natural Ali (that I have to say is my favorite) and the Blk Leather Ali. The Blk signature Ali doesn't have as much character as I hoped it would. I know I am on Ali overload. Also, I am really liking the Signature Stripe Satchel in Parchment. Would you replace one of the ALis for that bag? Thanks and sorry for all the ?s!
  2. Here's what I would do:

    I would sell your signature black Ali on eBay.
    Return either your brown Ali or Whiskey Ali.
    And, I would return your vintage lether market tote. That way you can reduce your bag collection significantly and still not feel guilty about buying the Signature Stripe Satchel in Parchment.
  3. yes, I would replace one of the Alis for the sig stripe satchel. This way you have some variety with size, shape and color in your collection. I think the whiskey goes with everything! Maybe not black shoes etc...but other than that, I think its neutral. If you love whiskey...KEEP IT! :yes: Not sure if you need both brown and whiskey Ali... if you'rer wanting to downsize, I would choose one. You probably don't need two black Alis...sounds like you're disappointed with the black sig...I would sell that one and keep the black leather. Between the vintage leather ..I would keep the LG Hobo....

    So...if it was me...I'd keep whiskey ALi and Vintage Lg already have a natual Ali and black leather Ali...and buy the sig stripe satchel in parchment then you will have a good balance of color choices... :tup:
  4. I really love the Whiskey Ali, maybe return the brown one? If you aren't thrilled with the sig black Ali try selling that one on eBay.
  5. Thanks, everyone! I did end up keeping the Whiskey Ali! She is just to gorgeous to return! I used her yesterday too! I put jeans on with a white shirt and sandals in a light turquoise with whiskey color beading. It looked fabulous! I am so happy with the bag. I returned the Market Tote and I am selling the Signature Ali. I am still on the fence with the Brown Ali. I am going to try her on with some other outfits. I have a Large Brown Carly that I decided to put on ebay as well yesterday! I WANT to love the Carly but I just like her. I know everyone loves the slouch but on me I think it looks sloppy! Thanks for your help!