Please help me decide which legacy bag colour to buy!!

  1. Hi, I am about to go and buy the new legacy shoulder bag but can't decide which colour to buy.:shrugs:

    I feel that the black one is the safer and smarter choice and I also just don't have a black bag currently but I also really love the whiskey one. So please help me decide- I am going to buy it after work today- I am sooo excited! :yes:

    Thanks in advance!:flowers:
    10328_B4BK-1_d2.jpg 10328_B4WY-1_d2.jpg
  2. Oh Marie! Congrats in advance - you're going to love this bag. As far as color goes, between those two, I'd go with the whiskey b/c I think it has a bit more character, but I'm admittedly on an anti-black kick, so I may be a little biased.

    Enjoy your purchase and post pics when you get it!

  3. :yes: Thank you!:yes:

    The last year I have also had a bit of an anti-black phase- that's why I am wondering if I should finally get a bag in black...Help!:shrugs:
  4. I am a black bag kind of person, but in this style the whiskey is just so gorgeous. I'd skip the black for this style.
  5. I vote for the Whiskey, it is lovely in person. I bought the Ali flap in Whiskey, and the matching wallet.
  6. There will ALWAYS be a nice black bag--- and that whiskey is just TDF! :drool:

    WHISKEY ALL THE WAY! :graucho:
  7. Whiskey! I just got that very bag in whiskey on Sat. and I love it!
  8. the WHISKEY FOORRSURE!! very pretty color!! :heart:
  9. whiskey
  10. the whiskey looks awesome.
  11. Whiskey!
  12. I've got to throw in a vote for black. Yes, I have a very strong bias towards black bags but, because there really isn't a way to clean the legacy leather, I'd be very hesitant about anything other than black. I love my black shoulder zip so much!

    You are going to love whatever bag you decide on - I can't say enough good things about the Legacy collection as a whole. Congratulations on your upcoming purchase! Let us know what you decide to get and be sure to post photos!!
  13. Alright Ladies, I listened to your advice and went with the Wiskey one-
    and I absolutely love it!! :yahoo: Here are some pix :yes:

    Thanks again!
    PA120012.JPG PA120003.JPG PA120005.JPG
  14. And two more:yes:
    PA120009.JPG PA120011.JPG
  15. :yahoo::nuts::yahoo:

    :love: AWESOME!!! :love:

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