please help me decide which handbag

  1. help me decide which handbag to get!


    GST in Black Caviar with silver leather chain


  2. Hi This is the Diamond Stitch tote and I have it in Black, is a perfect everyday bag and love it!!!!:tup::yes:
  3. If i choose the diamond stitch tote, would you recommend the smaller one or the bigger one? Thanks!
  4. Get the bigger size is only $200 or so more but it's worth it;)

    I had the GST and returned it, becasue it felt so boxy, and the DS (large size) is almost the same size as the GST but is less boxy it fits better to the body..Good Luck!
  5. the second black one in larger :yes:
  6. but.. the only thing is that the GST is a "classic" bag and the DS is just a limited fall collection..

    in the long run.. which one is better? I cant decide.. its so hard to choose :shrugs:
  7. GST is a Timeless Classic. . . which means they'll always have it.
    The Dimaond Stitch is hardly trendy, you'll get plenty of years out of it IMO.
  8. im having a really hard time deciding.. both bags are SO perfect! either the GST in black with silver straps or the DS in black (large) with silver straps.. the price is about the same too.. :shrugs:
  9. My favorite out of these 3 is definitely the Diamond Stitch tote in black! It is both a stunning and a practical bag. Love it!

  10. Black Diamond Stitch tote
  11. Another vote for black diamond stitch

  12. I had the exact same problem ... I was deciding between these three bags two days before the price increase for GTS but I still got DS in black and I am happy with my decision. You can always buy GST later on but DS won't come back :nogood:.
    Good luck.
  13. :yes: I agree.
  14. I like the DS better! the leather is gorgeous on it!
  15. I love the DS in black.