please help me decide which gaucho to buy

  1. hi,

    i've finally decided that the gaucho medium saddle is just impossible to resist after hemming and hawing about it for so many months. now the problem is, i can't decide if i should go for the red or the washed metallic gold one. i've tried the red before and i absolutely fell in love with it, but after seeing the gold one on display (but not trying it out), i'm highly swayed. problem is, i haven't got a dior here in sheffield, and it would be more than a month before i would be heading to manchester (where there is a dior).

    so i've decided to ask all of you here for your opinons between the two.

    also, i've never heard of it, but the dior outlet (in dfs, singapore) just informed my mom (who's buying it for me) that they only have 1 red gaucho left and since it's the last one, they've raised the price for it! it seems completely ridiculous to me since i can easily order it for the regular retail price on the online dior uk site. so are they just pulling my mom's leg or is it actually true that a dior store can simply choose to raise the price of a bag just like that?

    much thanks to everyone for any help offered! cheers! ;)
  2. Hi zerodross!

    Oh...this is a toughie, but I would have to say the gold one because it's really beautiful and will draw more attention than the red one. Metallic bags tend to always catch my attention.
  3. def gold :smile:
  4. I have the red one and had the blue one. I have to say that the Dior Gaucho was made for the red color. It is absolutely fabulous. But, given that weird whatever is going on with the store you'll dealing with, I would probably buy the gold. I don't quite understand the whole raising the price thing. That sounds a bit unscrupulous to me. Good luck!
  5. I wore my new red one today and got so many compliments I simply couldn't believe it!!!! Perhaps the most I've ever gotten on any of my bags. Not sure if that helps, but it tells me that people are loving the red and I'm glad I chose that one.
  6. hi ladies! thanks for the wonderful advice. i opted for the gold one in the end. and the price for the red was merely increased by $40 (the dior SA who wasn't the regular SA that serves us gave us the wrong pricing!). either way, i'm absolutely happy, although i've got to wait another 2 weeks for my parents to mail it to me here in uk though. :crybaby:

    nonetheless, i got my dad to take some pictures of it on his camera phone. pardon the shabby pictures, i'll take some proper ones with my digital camera once i receive it in the mail. :yahoo:
    Photo_0042.jpg Photo_0039.jpg Photo_0040.jpg
  7. <drops dead>

    WHOA! That gold Gaucho is to die for! I so want one now!

    You're SO lucky!
  8. congrats!!!:flowers: :heart: :drool: what a lovely bag! now i NEED one too!!!:drool: :love: :heart: :yahoo:
  9. :drool: It's gorgeous...Congrats!!
  10. thanks for the lovely compliments on the gold bag, ladies! :shame:

    now the wait begins for it to arrive here. then it'd be time to take some proper pictures. ;)
  11. Congrats! Welcome to the wonderful gaucho club! I have a red one and it's one of my favorite bags!
  12. Congratulations!!! That is a beauuuuutiful bag!!! :love: :love: :love:
  13. Congrats! That is gorgeous! I sooo want one!
  14. That gold is really TDF. I've seen it on the covers of catalogues, etc.. I love the medium Gaucho size too and if I already didn't have it in Khaki, I would have started the hunt for the gold. Congratulations on your beautiful choice!!
  15. The gold colour is amazing! I have this same bag in dark brown and as much as I love it, I would have preferred the gold! Good choice!!!