Please help me decide!! Which color reissue??

  1. Hi girls,

    I'm a relative newbie here but I've been reading all the threads and really trust your opinions on which color reissue I should buy.

    I know I definitely want either a 227 or 228 cos I'm tall and I want to use this as a daytime bag.

    It's either:
    - black with gold hardware (is it too much like the classic?)
    - grey with silver hardware (is grey hard to match clothes/look drab?)
    - white with silver hardware (does the reissue leather dirty easily?)
    - dark gold (will metallic bags still be trendy 2 years down?)

    :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    I already have the classic flap in black caviar with gold hardware, beige lambskin with gold hardware, the black metallic luxury flap, and a vintage black lambskin shoppers tote with gold hardware, and i'm really holding out for a jumbo white caviar with silver hardware (on Ebay perhaps). But I really really want a reissue!!

    Which color do you guys prefer on the LARGER sized reissue?

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. I prefer the black with the silver for the large reissues. It makes them a bit more 'casual'. It's not on your list, so I'm not being much help...... From the ones on your list, I would do the black with gold or the dark gold. I have a small grey one which I hardly use becasue it does look a bit washed out and I sent my dark white back because I was too scared to use it.:heart:
  3. I like the gray with the silver, but may be hard to find.
  4. I like the black with gold hardware!
  5. I have gray with silver and love it.
  6. i have the grey with silver and it is my favorite. next, like the black with the gold hardware.
  7. I'ld pick whichever one is available in the boutiques when you are there :smile:
  8. yeah, me too. :yes:
  9. I have the 228 in White/Silver and 227 in Burgundy/silver and black/gold h/w and I love them all but used the white one the most and it is in great shape.
  10. black is the best color in my opinion
  11. i'm also looking for a reissue. does anyone happen to know where i can find one, particularly in gray or black (227)? i saw one on ebay but i'm afraid it might be used..
  12. i like the gray with silver, it's modern, yet classic
  13. I went to Chanel today and saw the new Dark Silver 228 which is GORGEOUS. it's a very neutral, not too shiny metallic that matches's $2695 I think and I put it on hold till tomorrow morning...

    Should I get it??? I just don't know if I'll still use a metallic bag in a few years. And is it worth spending that much on a "trendy" bag?

    What do you guys think??

    Other alternative that are available for purchase would be
    - the new blue/grey Classic Flap Jumbo
    - Grey Reissue 228 (the SA I spoke with said she personally doesn't like the grey...)
    - Black Reissue with Gold Hardware 228 (I already have a Black/Gold classic though...)
    - or holding out for the white caviar jumbo...grr...

    :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    What should I do? Please help!!! Thanks!
  14. hmm, are you eyeing the dark silver more so than the others? i think metallic might not really be "trendy" in a few years, but you could always use it as an evening bag. do you wear jeans often? i think gray would go well with the casual look, whereas the black w/gh & dark silver would be better with a dressy look.
  15. I like the gray & silver combo best!