##PLEASE help me decide which color Pallas BB!!##

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Soooo difficult to decide which color Pallas!! PLEASE HELP!!

  1. Pallas BB in the new Raisin combo

    24 vote(s)
  2. Pallas BB in the Noir combo

    20 vote(s)
  1. So I'm deciding whether to choose the Pallas BB in the Noir combo or the new Raisin combo which comes with the raisin handles?? I have included pictures of both to make it easier. I just can't do the natural handles and worry about the vachetta getting dirty so both of these options eliminate that concern. Please help me decide. Your opinion is greatly appreciated! :smile:

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  2. I love the colors of the raisin compare to the darker colors of the Noir. I hope however has the Pallas BB can post up a picture comparing its size to say an iPad mini or something. I have been eyeing this purse but there isn't much modeling photos available.
  3. Pallas raisin. Looks beautiful, different and will add a pop of color to any outfit. Also it will transition nicely from summer to autumn and even winter. Love the color !!
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  4. I voted for the noir but I am biased because I just love that color. I think it just goes with everything and still looks good as the years go by,
  5. I really like the raisin color and think it can be worn all year. Good luck in your decision.
  6. This is size comparison to iPad Air (not mini) so it's pretty much the same size...

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  7. They're both beautiful but I have to vote for noir- I really like the brown handle on the noir as opposed to the raisin colored handle...not sure why because the raisin is a lovely shade
  8. Noir for sure! I think it's such a classic look and can stand the test of time.
  9. My vote is for the raisin. It is a very pretty color that can also be a neutral to many outfits.
  10. First I looked at the Noir picture and thought "Really nice!"
    Then I looked at the Raisin photo and thought "WOW!!!!!!!"
    So I guess that's a vote for the Raisin! :amuse:
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  11. Noir
  12. Sorry to be off track here but do you think an iPad mini or something that size can fit inside this purse?
  13. Oh yes def an iPad mini fits in there. I had the pochette Metis and this fits a bit more than the pm...but I did have to purchase an adjustable strap for this bag because I'm 5'2" tall and the strap that comes with the bag was way too long...

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  14. Awesome!!!! Totally on my list for my next purchase. The question is which color, hahahhaha. This is the first monogram one that caught my eye. Thank you for the reply
  15. Well Ladies it looks like it"s a tie here as well! I'm so undecided even with your suggestions. This is SO difficult. Should I just get both????? OMG!!:confused1: