Please help me decide which Classic flap to get!


Help me decide which classic flap to get!

  1. black lambskin, gold h/w

  2. black caviar, silver h/w

  3. navy caviar, silver h/w

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  1. I'm terribly indecisive when it comes to buying bags, and now I think I need all the help i can get!!! So now i'm seeking the advice of all you lovely TPFers :p

    My dilemma begins with 2 age old questions:
    1) lambskin vs. caviar, and
    2) gold vs. silver h/w!

    and the 3 options are:
    1) black lambskin, gold h/w
    2) black caviar, silver h/w
    3) navy caviar, silver h/w

    i already have a black washed lambskin classic flap with gold h/w, and a black ds flap with silver (ruth) h/w. I reckon i've got an unhealthy obsession with black chanels :p Hence the navy caviar is one of my options, in hopes of increasing the colour variation of my bag collection! So girls, PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE! I'm generally quite clumsy so i reckon caviar would suit my lifestyle better, but the feel of the lambskin is sooo tempting! And as for the gold vs silver question-- both colours blend with my wardrobe equally well, hence the problem!

    Also, is the navy a difficult colour to come by? And does anyone have pictures of any navy caviar bags? i've only seen pics of the navy patents. I won't be able to see the bags IRL before purchasing them you see.

    Thanks in advance everyone! It is much appreciated :love:
  2. I have the black caviar with silver h/w so thats why I voted that way...hehe.
  3. Vote for black caviar here- although the navy is gorgeous and unique, it would be harder to match.
  4. me too..
  5. Dear Nightshade:

    I vote for Navy w/Silver because it can serve more as your casual bag and it works wonderful w/jeans.

    Pls. let us know what you finally decide?!

  6. I love navy and silver combination!!:heart:
  7. I voted for the black caviar but that was before I read about your other bags. Given the color combos of your other bags, I now vote for the navy
  8. I voted for black caviar with silver hardware because this is the bag that I have and I love it! Also, I have trouble matching Navy/Blues to my wardrobe. I know that I am in the minority here, but I really don't like the look of blue toned bags with most denim. . .
  9. I voted black caviar w s/h as well. I l:heart:ve mine!
    It's durable, classic and easier to match my wardrobe.
  10. Silver & black all the way !
  11. I also voted for the black with silver hardware. I'm actually carrying that bag today. I love it.
  12. I voted for black caviar with silver but after reading what other bags you have maybe you should consider the patent blue reissue? It is gorgeous and would give your current collection some color. There are pics of it in the reference thread. Let us know what you decide.
  13. I personally like the silver hw on the black because to me it looks more modern ;)
  14. I voted for Black Caviar with silver.....just got one myself and it's a great bag. But since you have some black flaps....maybe a navy would be better.
  15. I chose navy w/ silver to give more diversity in your collection. You already have 2 blacks, I'd go for something different. I have the black DS flap too and love it and a black Ultimate soft, after the black DS, I'm ready to venture out to new colors.