Please help me decide which brown bag to buy!

  1. Could you tell me which one you like best? I like them all, so am really torn (in an ideal world, I would get the Mulberry Bayswater, but don't see that happening anytime soon!)

    Here's a Kooba (would be in the honey color):

    Here's another:

    And here's a Miu Miu:

    Thanks so much!
  2. I like the Miu Miu!
  3. I like the Kooba Nicole
  4. Another vote for the Kooba Nicole (but the Kooba Sloane is a really nice color)....

    ok my final vote is the Kooba Nicole..

    Good Luck!
  5. I like the Sloane, but I like the dark brown colour the best.
  6. I like the sloane. I like the honey & the darker brown too.
  7. Love the miu miu
  8. I like the sloane.
  9. Honey Sloane :smile:

    But also consider putting the $$$$ toward the Mulberry!
  10. I like the Nicole...kind of eyeing an ivory one in that style myself.. ;)
  11. Sloane for me..!
  12. kooba nicole! ;)
  13. I like the Nicole. Don't care for the miu miu bag at all.
  14. I love the Nicole!
  15. I'd got for miu miu.