Please help me decide which boots to get!

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  1. #1 Sep 28, 2011
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2011
    I'm looking to replace a pair of boots that I literally wore every day of fall/winter for the past four years. They were Coach motorcycle boots and I adore them, but after getting them re-soled so many times, they've decided to die :sad:

    After tons and tons of looking, I've narrowed it down to two pairs of boots. I'm hoping to invest about $300 and have them last me about as long as my Coach boots or, preferably, longer.

    Here are my two choices. I like the simplicity of the Ash boots, but am hesitant because I don't know how well they'll hold up over a long time (Reviews on Shopbop, Saks and Bloomingdales are better than this Endless one...). I know that Frye has a reputation for lasting ages, but I'm not crazy about the brass hardware- I'm more of a gunmetal girl.

    Ash Scott Boots:

    Frye Veronica Slouch Boots:

    What do you think?

    Thanks in advance :smile:

    PS: I guess I should mention that I live where it snows and plan on wearing them out in the snow and slush.
  2. I like the looks of the Frye boots wayyy more than the other one :yes:
  3. Frye! I just got the Frye Melissa button and they are GREAT. If you don't like the big buckle on the Veronica's have you seen the Melissa? :smile: it comes in all colors too.
  4. I love the Fryes! I have them in dark brown and love them!!! :smile:
  5. Definitely prefer the Fryes :yes:
    And the textured sole on the Fryes will probably work better for you.
  6. i vote fryes! i've had a pair from 2006 and they're holding up great.
  7. Thanks all!!! I'm thinking I'll get the Frye's.

    I'm a little bummed though, both Endless and Bloomingdale's are doing their Friends and Family 20% off, but it doesn't apply to Frye boots on Endless and Bloomindale's is sold out in my size :sad:
  8. Frye! Those look great!
  9. I would go with the Ash because they have higher (16") shaft oppose to the Frye which is only 13". I don't know about you but this makes big difference for me. :smile:
  10. Frye for sure!
  11. why not get another coach?
  12. Because I'm planning to order them online, Endless does free shipping and free returns... I'm thinking I'll just order both and decide then. I'm pretty tall and that's a good point- something I totally overlooked, but is seriously a HUGE peeve of mine.

    I just don't really like any of the styles that they released this season :sad:
  13. Glad you decided on the Frye pair
  14. According to my opinion they are great and these boots are flexible and lightweight so they will not drag your feet down on long walks or hikes.
  15. that's too bad, cuz I'm not a fan of either of the boots..