Please help me decide which black to keep


Which Black bag to keep??

  1. Black RH Work

  2. Black GSH PT

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Black Rh Work (the bag came today and the leather is amazing! of course it came w/out tassels and hair in the front pocket but I may have to overlook those things)


    Black GSH PT. (I already returned this bag but am thinking I made a mistake) Need your help.


    * do already have a black rh day if that makes any difference.
  2. my vote goes to WORK!
  3. I like the work.... but I think I may be truly leaning towards the RH. hmmmm... work! :tup:
  4. uhm, am i blind or aren't both bags PURPLE???? :confused1:
  5. The color of the bags are Violet or Black? In any case, I vote for the Work. I'm not a big GH and PT fan but it looks great on you though!
  6. ok, they are both black :smile: I'm the worst photographer ever.
  7. Those bags definitely look purple in most of the pix. LOL.
    I voted for the Work, too.
    Good luck!
  8. I love the work! You made a great choice.

    And............... they do look purple! :p
  9. you are messing with my head - there is no way these bags are black!!!! it's not a matter of skills, you have the ability to turn black into purple - that is a crazy skill!

    okay, regardless of color, i like RH! okay, off to the optometrist!!!
  10. No trust me, I have no clue how to take pictures with the easiest camera. you have to see how the bubblegum work came out. It looks neon

    What's wrong with me?

  11. Ok, I think I may be the only one here, but I really, really love the SGH PT! They both look great on you, but something about the SGH just really stands out. And, you mentioned that you already had an RH Day, so maybe the SGH would be a perfect addition!! Oh, and you're light years ahead of me when it comes to taking pictures - at least you can tell that you're holding a bag!! Every time I try to take a modeling pic the bag just looks like a big colorful or dark blob!!
  12. OMG, this is like having to pick a favorite child but WORSE. :crybaby: I have both of these bags and if pushed to decide, it would have to be my RH work. But I looooooooooove your (PURPLE!) SGH PT!!!!
  13. Me too!!
  14. I'm definitely going to have to say the SGH PT as a black PT w/ either GGH or SGH is my dream bag! But they are both lovely & you wear them well! :tup:
  15. WORK!!!

    And the bags totally do look purple!! But regardless of color, the leather on both looks divine!!