Please Help Me Decide Which Black Fiore!

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Black Revival Audra vs. Black Shir Honor Audra

  1. Black Revival Audra (Black W/ Gold)...Simple

  2. Black Shir Honor Audra (Black W/ Silver)...Ruched

  3. None - I don't like Fiore Bags...

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  1. I'm debating on these two black new Audras - which one do you like better - I have a black Kooba that's black leather with gold studs so I'm thinking that's too similar, but then I think is that Shir Honor too "biker" (for lack of a better word)...but I do like the black with silver hardware vs. black with gold. Any thoughts?:confused1:

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  2. between the two, it's

    although... i still think the bag looks too busy.
  3. Neither is really my style I'm afraid, so I voted neither, which means I should be ignored!
  4. I swear the Audra is my all time favorite IF bag. It's such a nice bag. I saw the Shir Honor. I just think that ruffly look is too busy. Hubby and I just went browsing IF bags online. They sure do have some funky bags nowdays. I just told him that I like the more classic all leather bags without all the fancy stuff. I am still contemplating the Dream Weaver Harriet. I should get one now since some are on good sales but I just can't make up my mind if I really like it.
  5. Out of the two I'd go with the one with the silver hardware, but I'm not really nuts about either one. Sorry.