Please help me decide which bags to keep...gigi, shoulder,pathwork? Pics..

  1. Please help me decide which bags to keep. I've included modeling pics. I bought the clay gigi, camel gigi, clay shoulder and the patchwork hobo. I really do love them all but I just can't keep all of them. I would like to at least keep two. Please, please help!!
    And pls excuse my pjs! :p
    patchwork.JPG camel gigi.JPG clay shoulder.JPG clay gigi.JPG clay shoulder arm.JPG
  2. I'd say the Camel gigi and the clay shoulder bag.
  3. Love the clay shoulder, and the patchwork hobo would be great during the holidays or for a punch of color anytime.
  4. I know most people don't like patchwork but I really liked this one! I'm just afraid that it is simply a trendy bag and I won't be able to wear it in a year. The detail on this bag is quite lovely. The trim is this bronze leather color...
  5. Camel gigi
  6. I do like the patchwork, it's really pretty but I think you'll get more use out of the clay shoulder bag and the camel gigi. I love the camel! That's a gorgeous color!
  7. I like both of the Gigis but I would vote to keep the clay. I just think it is such a pretty color, and fairly unique. You can usually find a camel bag at any time.

    I'm not a fan of patchwork typically but I do like this bag. But I too would be concerned that its too trendy. Of course, it woud be gorgeous to carry around holiday time.
  8. Hobo and Clay Shoulder. I love that hobo!!!
  9. The clay shoulder and patchwork look totally fabulous on your frame.

    If you need different sizes, you might want to go with the camel gigi and one of the above.

    If I was to choose for myself, the clay gigi and clay shoulder for me, hands down b/c I have a thing for monochromatic pairs...
  10. here are some more pics of the bags worn on the arm...for reference. This is such a hard decision!! :confused1: :sad: :shrugs:
    camel gigi arm.JPG gigi clay arm.JPG hobo arm.JPG
  11. I love the look of Camel Gigi and clay shoulder bag on you. Let us know your final decision;)
  12. patchwork hobo and clay shoulder.... the shoulder looks awesome on you!!
  13. camel gigi and clay shoulder! i think the patchwork hobo is more of a seasonal trend. plus the material will be difficult to take care of. i like the camel gigi better than the clay gigi, so it was just a process of elimination = keep the camel gigi and clay shoulder!
  14. Wow! I think everyone has picked the clay shoulder...I guess that one is definitely a keeper. Of the other three, which one do you think would be hardest to keep clean? Bordeaux suede, Camel leather or Clay leather? I would love to wear these bags with denim jeans so that is another factor...I do not want denim transfer...I'm thinking the camel would be the hardest...but not sure. I might just have to keep three!
  15. Not a fan of the clay, so I say pw hobo and camel gigi....