Please help me decide which bag?

  1. Hi ladies, please help me decide which color I should get for GST. White with silver H/W or Beige with Gold H/W. I think both of them are gorgeous, but I only can afford one. thanks
  2. Personally I would go for the Beige, not just because I think it is such a beautiful colour and immediately makes any outfit look like a million dollars, but its alot more practical than the White. If you do get White you will be constantly worrying about marking it and getting it dirty.
    I think another thing is that The Beige with the GOLD H/W is just such a fabulous combination and a true show stopper!
    Hope i've helped slightly!
    Good luck with you decision and let us know what you deceide on!
  3. I like both, but I think I agree that the beige would be better. Seems like it might be a little more versatile. :smile: Please let us know whichever one you end up getting.
  4. ahhh... i love both colors and own both (not that i could afford it) but i think the beige w/G/H will be easier to dress up/ down and easier to match your attire. White is more limited.
  5. Beige with Gold H/W :yes:
  6. Beige with gold
  7. Another vote for Beige
  8. This depends on where you will wear it. Here this always works for me (even though it's really stupid): enny meeny miny mo it!! If you are completley dissapointed with the one you ended up with, go for the other one!
  9. Definitely the beige one. I think it would look great with countless outfits, more so than the white. Hope that helps!
  10. beige :smile:
  11. Thank you ladies. I think I am getting the Beige One. just one more question, does the beige one come with silver H/W, does it look good with silver, since I have another Chanel in Gold h/w.
  12. The beige GST has gold h/w. The white GST has silver h/w.
  13. I absolutely LOVE white bags, but in this case I vote for the beige's more versatile and you can use it year-round... :yes:
  14. I think the beige looks gorgeous with the gold h/w.
    Please post pics when you got it!
  15. Beige with gold. It'll last you a long time and is easier to match wardrobe than stark white.