Please help me decide which bag to keep

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am in a pickle. Over the past couple of days, I have been trying to clean out my closet from bags that I no longer use and so far I have managed (with the help from my fellow TPF-ers) to convince myself to part with 13 bags. :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:

    Now here comes the hard part. I still have 6 more bags that I know I am not going to use much but still not sure if I should part with. I am wondering if you can help me decide which to keep and which to part with.

    Thanks in advance! ;)
    Here are the bags:
    Pictures included if you don't feel like reading this:

    1. Black Blush B Lush bag. I paid a lot for this one and never ever used it. I don't even know why. It has been sitting there for months waiting to go out but for some reason I never take it.

    2. Botkier Trigger in pink. I love this bag. I don't get around to using it because I feel like I have more modern bags. At the same time I feel like it would be a crime to sell it.

    3. Botkier Crescent in gold. Really nice bag and I like it a lot but for some reason I don't carry it very often.

    4. Botkier Stirrup in white. I have used this one a bunch of times and really like it but I am thinking of getting a Chanel classic in white and I know once that comes this one is history.

    5. Isabella Fiore Secret Garden Cece Tote. I have the matching shoes for this one. The shoes aren't really my style (hubby was trying to be nice to me and insisted that I buy them. I was trying to be nice to him and didn't say I didn't like them). The bag is nice but I never really get around to use it.

    6. Ronny Kobo Clutch bag. I really like this one but I have never used it and given that I just bought a Paddington clutch I am not so sure if I am going to use it. I don't think it is going to get much since the designer isn't super known to every one so I am thinking that I may be better off keeping it.
  2. I'm the wrong one to ask because I have a tough time parting with bags but just wanted to say KEEP THE NUDE PINK BOTKIER!

    I have that bag and yeah, I should use mine too - I'm sure I will- it is an original- you'll never find an amazing leather like that again. Good luck with the decisions:yes:
  3. I'd keep the clutch. I would say that maybe you should keep the white, but if you know already that you'll abandon it once the Chanel comes, you should probably sell that one too.