Please help me decide what to get!

  1. Hi Everybody,

    I want to get a new bag but I'm not sure which. I know if I get a keepall it would come in useful on my future vacation in December but the MC Eliza look so niceeee too! Please help me decide... :confused1:

    So the choices are:

    1. Mono Keepall 45 / 55 with straps
    2. Daimer Keepall 55 with straps
    3. Monogram Multicolore Eliza (Black / White)

    The issue is I think the eliza or the mono keepall might not keep so well because of the type of leather they use but I really like the pattern. :shrugs:
  2. Mmmm they ( Keepall and Eliza) serve totally different purposes. If you really need a bag for travel get the Damier Keepall.....if you don't really...get the Eliza:yes: There're so many threads on how to protect the vachetta so it shouldn't be a problem.