Please help me decide what to get

  1. I'm still in the search of getting my first B-bag, but I've given up looking for one on eBay. I either find one that's authenticate (thanks to the Pfers at the Auth this subforum) but miss the auction b/c it ends when I'm out or there are just too many fakes that I get tired and dizzy from looking through them. So I decided to buy from But I can't decide! Should I get the Day, the Matelasse, Part-time or Work? How many Matelasse sizes are there? I've already did my research on this b-bag forum, and I know there's a Med and a Large, but does that means there's a small too? Also, can someone tell me the difference between the Part-time and the Work? They look so similar to me. I also saw a the Bowling bag in a consignment store that I'm considering as well. Does the Bowling bag come w/ a shoulder strap? Sorry for all the questions. I did search through this forum and I managed to narrow down to these. I want one that's roomy enough to carry everything from bottle water to magazines to my daughter's stuff, but not so big that will overwhelm my small frame. I never knew there were so many styles till I read the style reference subforum. Would be easier if money weren't an issue so I can buy them all, hehe.
  2. I am going to move this to the main forum: you will get more responses that way :yes:
  3. oh thanks so much! sorry, i didn't realize I posted under the shopping subforum.
  4. Out of the bags that you like, only the PT has a shoulder strap. If you want something that goes easily on your shoulder, then I'd recommend the day. The shape is also one of my favorites and will fit a lot. The work has straps that will fit over your shoulder once they break in, but not immediately. I'm not really familiar with Matelasse bags, or the bowling but I'm sure others will help. Good luck with your first bbag!
  5. I have been comtemplating on a day for months now. Thanks for bringing some insight to my decision process!:smile:
  6. i love the day! it's a very easy grab and go bag, fits a lot, and wears comfortably. it's one of my favorite styles!
  7. I still can't decide! I like the Day but I've always been a satchel girl. It does look very roomy though. Does things get lost in there? Any thoughts on the Matelasse or the Bowling bag?
  8. Right now, I only have Day and Part Time bags. I love the fact that the PT can be a satchel and a shoulder bag. :smile:
  9. hmmm... personally I'm not a fan of the matelasse bags so I'm no help there... but I do have a PT and I love it! its great as a messenger and can be worn on the crook of your arm when you dont want to use it as messenger... the PT is shorter (vertically) than the work and the work is...

    heres a pic from one of our workaholic gurus ICB... i hope you dont mind me posting this here... if you do... sorry, was just trying to help out a new PFer...

    If you have a lot of stuff to carry then the PT is really good but because its shorter it wont fit an ring binders/folders in... so if thats one of your considerations then the work may be good for ya... I'm 5'2" and the PT is a great on me... not sure about the work yet coz I still havent received mine... but alot of us petite PFers have the work and they all look great!

    HTH! good luck and keep us posted ;)
  10. feifei87... THANKS for the info!!
    I will most definitely keep your suggestion in mind!
    I am SO wanting a DAY, and I think I will finally make that plunge shortly! HOPEFULLY! :p
  11. All I had at first were cities and works; never even thought about the day style! I took the plunge and I love it!!! Very easy to carry and it fits everything! Has a casual look to it!
  12. You're welcome :yes: Let us know what you decide! And remember, based on past experience, this probably won't be your only bbag so I wouldn't get too hung up about it - you can always get another style next time! :p
  13. Thanks allyboobop for more insight on the DAY! :smile:

    I've always worried on the "too casualness" of the style, but the more I think about it, it IS time for me to get a bag that can easily fit over my shoulder and w/out much fuss and weight!
  14. maedchen... I completely agree w/ you! Why stress when there is more beautiful styles from Balenciaga I can choose from if the DAY doesn't work out!
    The more I read your posts, the more I am convinced to take the DAY plunge! :nuts:

    Thanks to every one of you for taking the time and consideration in helping me make my next bbag decision. I will keep you informed! :yes:
  15. I love my Day but I warn you that it is so soft and slouchy that I find that it can be a bit hard to find things and get them out while the bag is slung over my shoulder. It is definitely a heap of stuff in the bottom bag. Much easier to navigate when it is resting on a solid surface.

    Verdict - adorable and looks terribly practical - but isn't really.

    Does this really matter to you?