Please help me decide what color Ultimate Stitch Crossbody?


What do you think? Ultimate stitch crossbody

  1. Black-Grey SHW

  2. Light Gold SHW

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  1. Hi all,
    Recently I saw 2 gorgeous Ultimate Stitch crossbody bags from pre-fall2012 and can't decide on which color with silver hw to get as my last Chanel for now :woohoo: the first is gold (a very light metallic almost light beige with silver hw ) and the black is more a dark gunmetal pewter grey-black color with silver. I had them send me both to compare so I can return the one I don't want.

    I already have a Black Lamb medium flap with GHW and a black caviar large top stitch flap with antique gold hw. This will be my only SilverHW purse and also only chanel crossbody. I always seem to choose black because its low maintenance and goes with everything but this light gold pops even on darker clothing. I can't decide so what do you think?

    Any opinions or help with my decision would be great :smile:

    TIA xx
  2. [​IMG]
    Here's a slightly better pic of the gold one in store lighting, it still looks a lot yellower than it really is, the color is super light metallic beige.
  3. Hello! black is always nice, but this is unusual beige! I choose beige. I have the same model in blue (I'll put the photo), is a beautiful bag, very soft. Hello stefy
  4. i chose the beige coz you have many black chanels already, this would be a nice change.
  5. Thanks I really am leaning more towards beige but its sooo soft & delicate and I'm sooo worried about color transfer or rubbing off eventually, esp since its a crossbody bag:-s

    have any of you had a any problems with your lighter colored washed lamb bags?

    Cielo70**I love your little blue one! Adorable

    Here is a clearer pic of the light gold
  6. Gold! I hv the blue too ;)
  7. Gold for sure. It's beautiful.
  8. I love it! Looks like gold is winning but think it'll go with everything like black would ?
  9. The gold is truly beautiful but to be safe I would buy it in a darker color to avoid color transfer.
  10. from the two i prefer the black
  11. Gold! Go well with everything.
  12. Yes, The color transfer is my biggest concern especially being crossbody I want to be able to wear with jeans.
  13. Gold is so pretty- the practical side in me says black though...
  14. Plus 1 good luck with your decision and keep us updated!
  15. Black is worry free....especially for a crossbody!