please help me decide. vert gazon or aquamarine

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vert gazon or aqua city???!!

  1. vert gazon city RH

  2. aqua city RH

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  1. Hi Ladies, i am torn between these 2 colors:confused1:.. i want to buy the city RH but cant decide between vert gazon city or aquamrine07 city?? which one you think is better, and easier to wear daytime?? i wish i can buy both, but i can only choose 1 for now.. thanks for your help.... :yes::heart:
  2. I have the aquamarine Day and I love it. I just finished working at the market week in LA for my stores on Kauai and I got sooo many compliments on it. Everyone was saying it was THE color of the season. Just my humble opinion.
  3. I had this same poll 2 days ago.... and I still haven't decided. Do you have other bbags yet? Knowing what you already have would help us advise you.
  4. It's hard to choose because I think you can wear both during daytime, but I went with Vert Gazon because I thought it might be a little easier to wear to any given occasion- am not sure, though, it's a tough call. Pls let us know what you decide to get and good luck with your choice:yes:
  5. thank you ladies.. i am currently only have 2 bbag, both in city . pearl white and rouge vif. so yes, its really2 tough call. they both very pretty and so different.
    for some reason, i just like city style, its so simple and classic.. hope to get some more opinion before i can make decision...
    ( for now, i am not falling love with GH yet...)
  6. I voted for VG... love it, love it, love it!
  7. i think the VG with GH look absolutely stunning. but with my complexion i can't pull it off for some reason. the acqua looks nicer on me. if you can pull off VG, i say go for it!
  8. Hi bagpunk, i saw your other thread about the PT aqua. saw your bag and its plain gorgeous!! and you have BI too. dont you think those 2 colors ( aqua and BI) looks almost the same?? after saw your pic, i am getting more fall in love with aqua, but VG is totally unique and so different. its vibrant and nice too!.;)
  9. aqua...
  10. just voted aqua and now its 50/50 :smile:
  11. I vote for vert gazon because I think that balenciaga has many many blues and aqua isn't my favourite. There are way less greens and gazon is one of the coolest colors in general. I think like magenta its uniqueness and the fact that it pops will actually make it easier to wear with everything except red ( xmas tree look)
  12. i think im getting to a stage where no matter what options the poll will give i will always choose aquamarine:nuts: ...until violet shows up ! :graucho:
  13. thanks ladies. the vote is very2 close. almost 50/50 and now make me even confuse... lol :confused1: i wish can buy both..
  14. Vert Gazon is just so striking!!!! My vote goes for the green. :yahoo:
  15. I have a auqa day and I love it.
    The color just make me feel :yahoo:
    I vote for aqua.