PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE!! To clutch or not to clutch?!!

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  1. Ok, I am usually at the balenciaga forum.. but I totally LOVE chanel as well!!:heart::heart::heart:
    Anyway, here is my problem.. I got a Louis Vuitton Limelight clutch in Noir in the PM size last week, but then I fell in love with the Chanel Black timeless clutch!!!!:drool:
    Sadly, I can only afford to have one..:crybaby:
    Should I keep the limelight or sell it and get the chanel one?!!:confused1:
    Honest opinions please!!!
    thanks gals!
  2. show us the pic of LV, then we all decide, otherwise, we all will bias and say CHANEL!
  3. I personally think that the chanel clutch has a more timeless and elegant shape where the LV clutch doesn't hold the same image.
  4. Definitely the Chanel clutch. It's timeless.
  5. Timeless clutch without a doubt. Although I must admit I am biased as I have one in black lambskin! But I also had a Limelight GM in Noir (which I later sold) and it was gorgeous but no where near as gorgeous as the clutch! xxx
  6. I think the chanel one would be a better buy - its timeless and is in leather - unless you're thinking of the satin one. i do like the LV clutch in the larger size in gold!
  7. I'm not a fan of the Chanel one, but I don't know what the LV one looks like, so...
  8. I have both the Chanel clutch has more structure to it then the limelight, the LV is cute and limited. If you plan to get another clutch in time, I suggest keep the lime light and get the Chanel clutch later, it is not a limited piece in black , because once the lime lights are gone, you wont be able to grab another one, except on ebay or other consignment stores.
  9. Chanel chanel chanel
  10. Yep, I agree with needing to see a picture as well because you can already see the bias starting.
  11. i vote for the limelight! i love it! especially gold
  12. I have no idea how the Limelight looks like. Please post a picture? :tender:
  13. I definitely like the Chanel clutch. I think is it more "dressy" than the LV one, but it depends what you are wanting it for. I like the "classic" shape of the Chanel and think it will be timeless. I am a little partial to Chanel, but do own several LV's.
  14. The Chanel clutch! It's so timeless! :love: