Please help me decide - Tivoli GM, Galleria PM or Neo Cabby GM??

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am going to Paris in March and I would really like to get 1 LV bag there. I already have a Saleya PM and like to get another mono bag this time. I find that the handles of Saleya PM are not very comfy as one of the handles will tend to slip off my shoulders. As Tivoli GM & Neo Cabby GM are using similar type of handles, I am wondering whether it will be the same. Tho I know Galleria PM is very comfy but I find that it is too common on the streets so can you ladies give me some advise?

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. Out of your choices, I've owned the Galliera. I would say the Neo Cabby, because its discontinued, and you can always get the other two bags later
  3. I like the Tivoli GM
  4. Tivoli GM. You don't see a lot of people with it. It is gorgeous IRL!!
  5. I have a neo cabby PM, and I would NEVER give this bag up, it's so comfortable to carry and goes great with everything ! :yes:

    If you're looking for a monogram bag though, definitely the galliera !
  6. GALLIERA!!!!!!!!l
  7. Thanks, for those having Tivoli GM, can you advise whether the handles are comfy?
  8. Galliera since I'm not liking the other choices.
  9. Galliera!
  10. T*i*v*o*l*i

  11. My Opinion:
    1. Trevi GM is a little bit too big and heavy but it's perfect for the travelling. I have PM and it matches to any clothes and occasion. And I like it's smell as well.
    2. Galliera
    3. Neo Cabby
  12. I mainly use the tivoli gm as a handheld. i don't really like it on the shoulder. it can seem a little bulky on the bottom and the handles don't stay put for me. but you definitely don't see it very often and it gets tons of compliments. i use it as a work bag and it holds a lot which I love. and it looks good with both casual and professional attire. all three are terrific bags though! have fun deciding :smile:
  13. Tivoli GM handles are comfy on the shoulder (plus you can adjust the length), plus you have the added option to carry it as a handbag or in the crook of your arm. The Galleria is a nice choice as well (I have my eye on a PM now) but it looks best as a shoulder bag.
  14. I would vote for the galliera
  15. I love the Neo Cabby :smile: