please help me decide! time sensitive

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  1. My husband surprised me with early xmas present. Bought me the pelham chocolate guccissima leather medium shoulder hobo with single strap (picture attachment attempted).

    My issue is I really need a black bag and was considering the black guccissima princy hobo. BUt I've read there are fading issues with black leather and have decided to look elsewhere. Anyone with input? If I decide to return it needs to be done in the next 2 days. The pelham shoulder bag is astonishing but it is heavily studded even on the strap and the strap has canvas on it which I don't prefer. But since it is a gift I don't mind keeping it. DH would not mind if I exchange.

    I don't want to exchange it for black leather only to have fading issues. Please help.
  2. the corners of my guccissima horsebit hobo has faded as well... but i think it was more my fault, and not the purse. I used it straight for a whole year and a half [my first gucci] and i didn't treat it very well.

    So if you really like the black guccissima, i say go for what you love. I exchange purses that my hubby gives me as well, and he doesn't mind either. He would rather have me own a purse i love than have it sit in the closet.
  3. I think the bag he got you is gorgoues....

    My least favourite gucci colour is black GG wether its leather or canvas. Leather Guccissima looks plasticy and not very rich. Black canvas GG is just too plain, no depth to the fabric like the beige!
  4. Does the black leather really fade?? I just bought the new brit black hobo and I'm trying to decided between a couple of bags as well. Maybe I should return that one??? Where did you hear about the fading?
  5. My guccissima horsebit faded at the corners. I've had it for approximately 3 years and wore it maybe 5 times. I can't believe it faded just sitting in the closet. I returned a gucci over 5 years ago due to the same problem. They need to improve their leather!
  6. I have the Pelham in black fabric and I love to wear it. Holds a lot of stuff, papers from work, wallet, phone, etc. If someone gave me the same bag your have I would definately keep it!
  7. I actually really like this bag a lot and have been looking for it. Can you tell me where your husband purchased it? I'd be really grateful. Thanks!
  8. This one went on sale at the Gucci store in Dec. You maybe able to find it at the Gucci outlets.