Please help me decide? Thanks!

  1. Please help me decide which color to go with? I'm thinking the red or navy would be the least versatile? Also if anyone has pics of their horsebit hobo that would be really helpful :yes:

  2. What colors do you wear? Would this be a daily purse or a weekend purse? My SA was trying to convince me to carry the purse to work, but I don't know if I could pull it off. I'd like to see that camel color in person, but I think my vote would be for black. I just love black bags - but then I wear lots of black. I think either the black or the camel would be the most useful unless you wear alot of navy and maybe mix it up with white and khaki. I'm not sure how the navy would look with jeans, but it would probably be nice if you wear lots of khakis and whites for the summer, for the fall I bet it would look great with grey mixed up with navy blue and maybe even camel and navy and white.
  3. Daily purse, I wear a lot of black or neutral colors like black, brown or navy blazer, white tee and pants or blue trouser jeans.
  4. I love this bag in red! I think a red bag would give your outfits a nice pop of color.
  5. I love both the red and navy. The brown color has a little bit too much of an orange tint for my liking. I think this bag is fine to carry to work - I know several people who do.

  6. I work in a conservative office and I'm an attorney, so I think it just depends. I wore cheetah print kitten heels with a brown suit the other day and got a comment, nothing rude, but just the acknowledgement that it was not the norm.
  7. I like the blue b/c it kind of looks like black in person.
  8. I work in fashion, so I'm used to seeing people in flashy outfits - I guess I forget that not everyone can wear costumes to work :smile:

  9. is this the hobo that is one sale? do you know the $? Also, IMHO i would go for black with this one, second choice is camel.
  10. hi, do you know if this is the only horsebit hobo style that they currently carry? thx! :P
  11. The camal color would be a great purse for everyday use and brighten up your outfit. It would be subtle.
    Of course black is classic or the blue since it looks dark.
    The other thing is how it looks when you see it in person since pictures aren't always true.

    I have the black horsebit hobo and usually use it to go out.
  12. The blue and the red are on sale right now. I just saw the blue IRL and it's a very dark blue, I almost mistaken it for the black.
  13. You're lucky! I still sneak some fun things in like fabulous little scarves and such.