Please help me decide! SPY

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  1. they are all so gorgeous it's so hard to choose!

    I just bought the tan wisteria from Neiman Marcus but love the Black velvet wisteria from Saks. I also saw the black satin today which was nice and the price was much lower.....Or I can just be plain and safe and get the black leather.

    I have a chocolate brown muse I just bought which goes with just about everything and truly I have plenty of safe black. It's just such an expensive bag (spy) that I want to get my use out of it.

    do you think that the black velvet or satin can be worn easily? how about the tan? Do you think I can wear it with anything? Unfortunatly I can only get 1! What do you ladies think? PLEASE HELP!!!

  2. My vote goes to leather versions. Much more durable and versatile. part of the spy's appeal is the gorgeous leather, so the satin doesn't have that much to offer (at least not to justify its price, IMO). Velvet too high maintenance, collects lint. Keep away from pets!
  3. Keep the Honey Wisteria! It's a gorgeous bag to match with anything and can be used throughout the whole year. Personally, satin and velvet are more for wintertime and they'll probably get much lesser use than the leather ones. ;)
  4. ^^ I agree with Deco! The velvet and satin will be too hard to care for and IMO just more wearable in the Fall/Winter season. I would go with the black leather
  5. Discobunniee beat me to it - I say keep the leather Wisteria. I normally think the full-size Spy is too big, but the Wisteria's definitely on my wishlist. :love: I think you'd get much more use out of it than the velvet or satin, and if you have a lot of black already, the Honey will be a nice change.
  6. I would go for the leather as well, but the satin is SO pretty!
  7. Definitely leather....
    Like others have said the leather will look better and easier to take care of. For me the whole appeal of the spy bag is the gorgeous leather.

    Satin is appealing but definitely not a winter fabric... and velvet will be a PITA to maintain.
  8. O.K....Leather it is!
    Now for which one... I think it will be easier to make that decision when the wisteria arrives and I can take a good look at it in my closet. It IS a work of art, but I'm afraid I won't get the use out of it and at that price I will die! The black is more affordale AND more and grey are big this season! Any more thoughts?

    You guys are great!
  9. Black would probably be your best bet! You can wear it with EVERYTHING! DO let us know what you decide and please post pics when you get it!:flowers:
  10. The wisteria is just so gorgeous though. The black spy is great too.. So if you are never going to use the Wisteria..what's the point of having such a gorgeous thing. Might as well be the runner up!! (in my opinion)
    I love them both!
  11. Done!
    Purchased the black leather from Saks and got 10% of with shopfall coupon!
    I'm happy now!
    Thanks to all for your responses!
  12. YAY! Congrats!!! Can't wait to see your pics :yes:
  13. Congrats! And with a discount, even better! I think you made the right choice going with leather.
  14. :yahoo: CONGRATS!!!:wlae: