please help me decide speedy b 30 or palermo pm

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speedy b 30 or palermo pm

  1. speedy b 30

  2. palermo

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  1. I can't decide between a speedy b 30 or a palermo pm....what do you ladies think? i already have a speedy 30 de (without the straps), and i never find myself using it because of the top handle. i like the pleating and the structured bottom of the palermo...and i like the versatility of the strap for the speedy b...please help me decide
  2. You could sell your Speedy to fund the Speedy B and then get the Palermo too. But if you had to choose one, I'd choose the Palermo. I think that bag is so cute
  3. I like the palermo. It would add some variety to your growing collection.
  4. I'm getting a Speedy B myself so I have to say Speedy B.
  5. Sounds like the Palermo is what you really want. I'm pretty sure you can buy a longer strap or get the speedy b strap for it. ;)
  6. Oooh Palermo is so beautiful. I'm a sucker for her beautiful pleats though!!
  7. Palermo PM. Much more feminine and less common.
  8. I had a mono speedy 35 & sold it because I had hardly used it but as soon as the Speedy B came out I bought it again & I've now bought another Speedy B..... This bag is so versatile & classic but I also love the Palermo so its a tough choice..... Both gorgeous bags
  9. I like the idea of selling your speedy to put towards the speedy b.
  10. I'd go for the Palermo.
    I think its an adorable bag !
  11. Palermo since you have a Speedy already!
  12. :tup: I agree! :smile:
  13. Speedy B all the way.
  14. +1!!
  15. ^^that might be a possibility.....and then save up to cover the difference...
    ohhh the poll is almost a tough decision...but a good problem to have;)
    thanks ladies for the input...i ordered a palermo and will post some pics when it comes in...