please help me decide??! Small vs Large


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May 9, 2015
Hi fellow YSL lovers,

I just can't seem to decide between the classic small and medium monogram satchel in black textured leather.

I thought for sure that I had wanted the medium not the small as the medium would be able to hold in a lot more etc. But after seeing the small in real life I feel as though it suits my frame more as I am just under 5ft. I found the medium to be quite overwhelming on my size and a bit too big for going out at night. But really I wouldn't be able to fit much in the small after my phone goes in. On the other hand the medium would be able to fit a lot more in and I feel as though I wouldn't have to worry about space. The store in my city didn't stock the black and gold hardware that I wanted but I still have listed pictures as a reference. I really do love this bag just undecided on which one to get!!

Also if any of you ladies have this bag any thoughts on quality as this will be my first ysl purchase.

Please let me know your thoughts :smile:



May 17, 2013
I like both of them, I guess it depends on what you would be using it most for! Personally, I don't think the medium is overwhelming, and it seems to be more functional. But I am also the type to want a small bag for when I go out, so it all depends on what you like. I say go for whichever makes you happier, since this seems to be more of a "pretty" bag and less so for daily use.


Jan 7, 2016
I have a small and even though I love it, it's not too functional I only use it for girls night out and date night with hubby as my phone and keys barely fits in it. I wish I brought the medium instead. I'm also under 5ft but I didn't find the medium to be overwhelming.


Feb 4, 2010
I have the small in black croc but i ended up buying two more in the medium size in baby blue and black haha. I also felt like the medium would look odd since I'm 5'2" but it looks quite nice on. I never use my small because it was annoying trying to play tetris with the things I carried inside. Good luck :]