Please help me decide! Small Gabrielle in beige or black?

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Beige or black?

  1. Beige!

    23 vote(s)
  2. Black!

    34 vote(s)
  1. Oh man I’d be having serious fickle mindedness as well :doh:. In fact it’s such a close call I had to click change my vote :nuts:. Anyhoo, my final choice is the...... black! The only reason I picked beige at first was after reading your list of ALL black bags. Looks wise, the all black wins.The chains of the gabby alr makes the bag.

    So heck, Black is everlasting. The style of your bags are all so different anw! You can always get a fun colored mini if you’re really into spicing up your wardrobe :smile:
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  2. Oh no I had sort of made a final decision towards beige and now you’ve got me debating again I need to meet my SA with a final decision tomorrow....
  3. No regrets with my beige/ black combo! :heart:

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  4. Loving the beige!
  5. I love the beige/black combo as well. I feel like you can get an all black bag with a similar shape anywhere - the beige/black combo really makes the bag pop!
  6. That’s true! The black just somehow seems basic.... but also doesn’t scream “Chanel” as much...

    And now the vote is 50-50 ughhh this is so hard!
  7. My vote is for the beige!
  8. The beige gabrielle
  9. Here’s the conclusion to the story:

    So I ended up purchasing the black one at first. My SA was nice enough to let me purchase the black before it came out with the new collection on January 23. At first I jumped on it and was super excited, but after having it for around three weeks, the spark is gone. I went in twice thinking I’d exchange it for the beige but even then it didn’t feel right... I have so many bags in this size that I just never seemed to want to reach for the Gabrielle. There was always something I preferred to use. I talked through this with the SA today, since I was determined to make a decision.

    In the end, I admitted it felt like I wanted this bag because of the hype and felt “Instagram made me buy it”. It’s a beautiful bag, but I really love my classic flaps and I’ve always wanted a few more which will round out my collection nicely, rather than the Gabrielle which was an impulse buy because it felt exclusive and lucky to get one so rare.

    So... bit of a sad ending I guess but I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders now that it’s returned, honestly. (If anyone wants one in black, it’s now in stock in Toronto lol)

    The good news is now I have store credit to spend on what I want! Maybe espadrilles, my coveted reissue flap, a mini, or a deauville!
  10. So I think in the Gabrielle the two tone works really well. It makes the bag functional for all year and all seasons. I got a small boy and then got a medium beige. In retrospect I should have got smal beige and medium black as that’s more practical. It’s a great bag and you will love it in either colour xx
  11. Hey ladies! I have an eye on the beige Gabrielle, but everyone says it is pointless to look for it because it is sold out? I thought they bring it back every now and then? Like you I already have 5 Chanel black bags and I am wanting something that I can wear in the summer too!
  12. Are you looking for the Beige Gabrielle hobo in small or the backpack?
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    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
    If I misread what you wrote, please, please, please correct me- were you offered the ability to wear/use the bag for three weeks to determine you didn’t reach for it, before returning it? Or, did you just keep it for the three weeks and not use it, before you returned it?
  14. The small hobo :smile:
  15. Sent you a PM