Please help me decide! Small Gabrielle in beige or black?

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Beige or black?

  1. Beige!

    23 vote(s)
  2. Black!

    30 vote(s)
  1. CD1AC4B7-26E6-4639-99AB-F40ACE312EF1.jpeg FBB79245-3A5D-44C8-BE80-9CEF2250DD78.jpeg I’ve seen this question asked around the forum already and I’ve asked so many people already and I still can’t decide! I’ve been eyeing the Small Gabrielle hobo in black for a while, I thought it could be a great “incognito” Chanel for my collection. I went to try it on in store and quickly found out the black was hard to come by, but after trying on the beige/black I started to fall in love with it.

    While I toyed with the idea of going for the beige instead, I asked my SA if they could keep an eye out for a black one for me, and literally hours later they messaged me saying one had just come in as part of the new collection. It was meant to be! I went over and grabbed it but still looked wistfully at the beige...

    Now I keep looking at the black and somehow it just doesn’t feel quite right. Most of my bags are black (in fact all of my Chanels are black), so maybe I’m just feeling like I want some more variety? I was really worried about colour transfer on the beige and it being more “obvious”. My friends are also split on the issue.

    I’m planning to also get the reissue 226 in black with RHW, so really that would be more incognito, and maybe I don’t need the black Gabrielle?

    What do you all think? For reference I currently have:
    M/L flap in black with GHW
    Jumbo flap in black with GHW
    Chanel GST in black with GHW
    Classic woc in black with GHW
    Le boy medium in black with RHW

  2. beige for sure!
    since the bag strap is pretty short wearing on the shoulders i wouldnt think color transfer should be a big issue.
    all my chanel bags are black and i recently got the beige gabrielle backpack and i love it!
    adds more variety to my collection while still not being too flashy! :smile:
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  3. Black
  4. Black
  5. I normally prefer black or red in Chanel bags but for this particular bag, I’d personally get it in Beige because it just looks more elegant against the black trim and tassel. More classic Chanel look to it
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  6. I recently got the small Gabrielle too. I debated between the black vs beige too. Like you said, the black is hard to come by and it's black so you can't go wrong. But then, I have so many black bags already. I also felt like I shouldn't get the black just because it's hard to get. At the end, I got the beige. I thought it will go well for winter and summer months. Keep us posted what you decide. Here's me in my beige. IMG_20190106_1.jpg
  7. I also don't have any issues with color transfer since it hits higher on the body. I also sprayed it with colonil carbon pro just to be safe.
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  8. I would stick with the all black one. Most of the time, the beige and black combo works but not on this one.
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  9. Omg you look great with both lol the beige & black is also hard to come across FYI..i know I wasn’t much help but any you pick will be ok.Let is know what u go with
  10. Are you open to the navy/black Gabi? :smile: That's my favorite color combo...sill interesting, neutral, and no color transfer worries (although the Collonil is a great suggestion if you do go with the beige)!
  11. Beige
    I love contrast
  12. Same as me, then! And that’s true, I supposed it does usually sit high! So you have no regrets choosing the beige?

    Yeah, I guess you’re right! Just because it’s tough to get doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for me. Thanks for sharing pics! That’s super helpful.

    I’m not really into the navy/black combo! I know I’ve at least narrowed it down to beige or black :smile:

    Thank you everyone! I’ll let you know what I decide!
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  13. I love the beige on you! I would do beige esp cuz you have so many black.
    Good luck deciding. I too am considering the same dilemma as you but haven’t had any luck getting one to try on.
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  14. Beige stands out more against your outfits, but I always prefer black.
  15. beige