Please help me decide. Should I sell my reissue 227 and get 226?

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  1. I have the black reissue 227 with gold hardware. I never used it because I have been considering to sell it and get a 226 instead. First, I feel 227 looks too big on me. (I'm petite and 5'3" tall.) Second, I like the versatile usages of 226. Please help me decide. Thank you for the help.
  2. If you don't love it...definitely just just sell it. There's no point spending so much on a purse you don't love. Do you have a modeling pic? :smile:
  3. If you don't love the bag & will not use her, then there's no point keeping her and letting it collect dust in the wardrobe. It will be a waste of good money. Better to just sell the bag and get something you really want. :smile:
  4. I had the same feeling when I owned my 227 black metallic reissue 5 yrs ago. It was already blingy black and it just looked ridiculous on me. So I returned it. I am only 5', 103 lbs. Wearing it crossbody made it look silly because it didnt suit such a structured bag. I find the 227 didnt fit as much as my blk caviar jumbo either because of the double flap. Don't force yourself to love it because you'll end up selling it at a loss. Get the 226! I love my navy metallic and it is much more versatile than the 227. Wearing it crossbody with casual clothes didnt look silly at all.
  5. Agree with everyone! If you don't like and use it much then sell and get 226:smile:
  6. maybe u can show some mod pics to us, we can help u decide better? :smile:
  7. I am 5'1 and agrees that the 226 is the best size for me. But I don't carry much so I find it appropriate for day and night. I sold my 227 and now have two 226s
  8. I'm 5'4 and I have the 227. I love the size on me. Do you have a mod pic? Well regardless of our comments, if your already doubtful of the 227, get the 226 if that makes you happier :smile:
  9. i'm 5'3" and initially wanted a 227, but got a 226 after much insistence from the SA and my friend who accompanied me to the boutique. they believed that 226 suits me better and i couldnt agree more.
  10. You already make up your mind to sell the 227. Yes, I think 226 will look better on petite frame. Good luck in deciding.
  11. Sell and get the smaller one. I used to love Maxi, but Chanel flaps look better smaller IMO. In terms of practicality, of course, Maxi and 227, but the 226 is much lovelier and suiting to any body frame.
  12. It seems you've decided you think the 226 is better for you, and just by the fact you've never worn your 227 because you've always had in mind not to keep it. I think you have your answer. :smile:

    As for me, I don't get into all this "petite" ladies can't carry Jumbos/227's. I don't consider them big bags at all in the first place. Single flap Jumbos are my favorite Chanels, I love my 227's too.
  13. Thank you, ladies, for the help. This is how it looks on me.

  14. Based on the mod pic, I personally do not find the 227 bag big for u.

    I m 5"5 n i own a 226 reissue. i chose 226 cos i personally find 226 size would be used/good for causal n formal occasion. I find 227 a tab causal for formal occasion. That's my personal opinion. I have friends who go for 227 n they do look good with the bag.

    It really depend on your preference. For practicality, 227 can hold more things than 226. Ask yourself how U want to wear/use the bag.
  15. Will u use it more for casual or formal or both? Casual the 227 is fine but 226 would probably best for formal or semi formal events since you are petite. HTH